SingStar release on PS4 constantly requested

- Dec 17, 2013

The need for SingStar to release on Sony’s PS4 is clear, although this won’t be the same desire for those that hated the SingStar icon being forced on them with a PS3 firmware update.

If you invested a lot of money in songs for SingStar on PS3, then you would want those purchases transferable to PS4 if you are moving to Sony’s next-generation console that lacks support for PS3 games.

The other problem right now is the lack of a SingStar game or app on PS4, and we haven’t heard a clear message from those behind the sing and dance game.

It makes sense to see SingStar release on PS4 thanks to a massive following and the dilemma for early upgraders is the fact that the SingStar app isn’t present on the menu or as a digital download.


Feedback being left with SingStar support – you only need to take a quick look at SingStar’s social channels like Facebook to see the demand for the game to launch on PlayStation 4. One Facebook user left a message on the official SingStar page stating, “I refuse to purchase a PS4 until Singstar is on there and I can watch 3D movies”. Another added, “When are we getting PS4 Singstar?”.

This is just a couple of messages from hundreds in forums and on Facebook, although most just ask the simple question of when will SingStar see a PS4 release date? This has been the message before the PS4 launched and now a few weeks later as well.

How much money have you spent on SingStar songs, and do you want the app to launch on PS4? If you would like to see SingStar release on PS4, then leave a comment below and let us know how much money you have spent on songs for SingStar.

Seeing store song updates on the SingStar news channel is nice, but what we really want is solid news that the app will arrive on PS4 next year and our music can be transferred for free.

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  • Richard King

    I have about 650 songs @ $2.70 each so $1750 New Zealand dollars…
    Won’t upgrade unless they can be transferred…

  • Nicole_tc

    I’ve spent at least $300 on songs, so won’t be purchasing a PS4 until/unless Singstar becomes available and the songs are transferrable.

  • danny mabe

    I hope the songs can be transferred as have spent allot of money on them should be easy enough to do so lets not disappoint

  • GD

    Considering how overpriced the songs were on the singstar store it is truly disappointing that they have not transferred it to the ps4. It seems like it was just a quick cash grab with no thought about the consumer. Feeling ripped off

  • Mike

    No sing star purchase transfers no ps4 if they do I will get Ps 4 same day

  • Diana Williams

    Me and my sister have spent about £100 each on are PSN accounts. we sold are PS3 early October so we will have the money for the PS4. as we thought that singstar was already on the PS4 as it is such a big community.

  • Fommo

    I’ve also spent a lot of money on this marvelous party game. Please please please make it available for PS4. Without it I just can’t upgrade.

  • Mad

    I’ve spent at least $80 on singstar songs and at least that much on the 4 singstar discs I own. My husband sold our PS3 when he purchased PS4 – before finding out that there would be no singstar gaming on it ! I am furious to have lost my favorite gaming hobby and me hard-earned $$ !! Something must be done soon, I feel scammed!

  • Samuel A. Castañón III

    I have all the Singstar’s for PS2 and PS3 (Discs) also spent $86 on DLC. Never added it up but dang that’s upwards of $300. I will be seriously disappointed if this does not make its way to PS4. It’s still the best party game. Twitter: Doc_Gamer