GTA V 1.08 update live within hours

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2013

We have some good news for GTA V gamers now, as we can confirm that Rockstar are almost ready to go live with the GTA V 1.08 update. It is coming in a matter of hours and we already have the full GTA V 1.08 patch notes for you to read through in preparation.

Earlier this month, we asked you what you needed to see with the 1.08 update, as it’s clear that the 1.07 patch made a lot of players unhappy. One of the main reasons for this was the removal of certain custom vehicles from garages, notably the rat loader and tornado.

Although we won’t be seeing these vehicles returned in 1.08, Rockstar has already told everyone what to expect in the update. Head to the support website to see the full GTA V 1.08 update notes – there’s a lot to read through.

One big change that we can see is an increased payout for Last team standing and Team deathmatch when on the losing side. Rockstar has also increased the cash and RP rewards for races which have multiple laps. You can also earn money now for racing solo, which a lot of you will appreciate – previously this offered nothing.

Read through everything and let us know how you feel about the patch notes. Rockstar are almost certain to make some hidden changes as well in 1.08, so hopefully we’ll find out about them soon.

Once the update lands: Tell us if you have installed the 1.08 update successfully on your platform, and which area you are living to give other players a heads-up. It could be going live very soon, so keep your eyes open.

After installation: What problems have you noticed that were not in the 1.07 update and needs immediate attention from Rockstar?

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