Final Fantasy X HD PS Vita release date with surprise

By Alan Ng - Dec 17, 2013

We have some excellent news for PS Vita owners now, especially those that are looking forward to picking up Final Fantasy X HD in 2014. Square-Enix has now confirmed the Final Fantasy X HD release date, with one extra surprise that we previously we not expecting.

If you had been keeping an eye on this game during development, you’ll know that Final Fantasy X HD and X-2 HD were initially thought to be shipping on two separate PS Vita game cards, unlike the PS3 version which includes both on one disc.

However, we’re delighted to confirm that Square-Enix has now changed their mind. If you buy the physical version of Final Fantasy X HD on Vita, you’ll find a download code inside the box which you can use to get Final Fantasy X-2 HD at no extra charge.

It’s a great conclusion for Vita fans and don’t forget that the Vita version is also fully compatible with the PS3 version with regards to cross save. The big release date is March 21 2014 and we can also confirm the Final Fantasy X HD price to be £29.99 at retail.

Paying £30 for arguably one of the finest RPGs ever, on the go, sounds like a fantastic deal to us. Let us know your thoughts on this and your surprise over the free version of Final Fantasy X-2 HD as one package.

Is this an instant purchase for you now without hesitation? The image above is also the final box-art for the Europe version for your reference.

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