Elusive 2013 Mac Pro pre-order in December

By Peter Chubb - Dec 17, 2013

We are now into the second half of December and we have yet to see the Apple store go down and add a new product to its line – well an updated one. We are talking about that elusive 2013 Mac Pro pre-order, or even its final release.

We would have assumed that Apple would have allowed people to pre-order the all-new Mac Pro in anticipation of its release, but they have failed to do so. There is still time left in this month, but Apple is cutting things a bit fine.

Then again, they know that those who intend to purchase a 2013 Mac Pro will not want to until after Christmas, and we can understand that. Releasing the new desktop at the start of the month would have been okay, but a week before Christmas would be a mistake.

Elusive 2013 Mac Pro pre-order

While we do not have a specific release date for the 2013 Apple Mac Pro, the website still states December, and so maybe the last week of December is a possibility?

We can already tell that the excitement is starting to build for this all-new model, not like you get when a new MacBook Pro is released because sales of the Mac Pro is much lower because of its intended audience, and price.

There had been a recent sighting of the 2013 Mac Pro at an Apple Store in the UK, but this was later to be found fake and was said to be an image from back in October during an event that gave the press a chance to get up close with the new desktop.

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  • adam steinbachjer

    The initial statement from apple said FALL 2013. the last day of fall is friday the 20th. I highly doubt that they will, miss a deadline.

  • J E

    Yeah, Christmas has nothing to do with it. End-of-year tax write-offs and budget allocations do. If it *ships* before 2014 I’m buying. If it doesn’t, I have to cancel the order and wait until/if our 2014 budget allows it.

  • JayARR

    My budget has funds to spend NOW for new Pros! But those funds will not carry over to 2014.

  • Steve Kirschner

    The author is wrong; excitement has turned to frustration. 🙁

  • rick

    Even though the 2013 Mac Book Air is not going to be as popular as the MacBook Pro, it would have been good to offer a pre-order service, seeing as though we have known for months that the new desktop was coming. At least that way it would have given people time to play with the configurations.

    • Ovidiu Carstea

      The preorder system can help Apple to organize the production.
      We need to spend the company money form investment budget up to the end of this week. If no Mac Pro will be on sale we will order iMac’s.

  • bob

    I believe the new Mac Pro will become available the last week of December