DotA 2 availability expanded to all

By Peter Chubb - Dec 17, 2013

For months gamers have had to sit and watch as those lucky enough to have invites were able to enjoy DotA 2, and all the fun that came with it. However, you will now be pleased to learn that sign-ups are no longer required, giving access to millions more.

The gated system had been running for months, which was a perfect way to allow the community to grow at a slow and steady rate and to bring more features while ironing out the bugs.

Valve is now asking more gamers to join the other 6.5 million active DotA users, and has been asking those currently signed up to use the new recruit feature to invite friends, and earn some bonuses while they are at it.

When you become part of the DotA community you will be able to take advantage of the latest event, which is called Frostivus and is already on day 3. More details on this can be seen here.

You can access DotA from any Linux, Mac and PC. However, if you have a laptop with medicore specs, then you need to be prepared for the fan to work overtime because the system could run a little hot.

Now that DotA does not require a sign-up process or long waits, will you be giving the game a go?

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