Call of Duty: Ghosts sales faltering, next gen disruption

By Matt Tran - Dec 17, 2013

In previous years the newest Call of Duty title has normally sold more copies than its predecessor, Ghosts has not been able to do this. Unfortunately for Activision and Infinity Ward the sales figures for Ghosts are faltering, this has been attributed to the disruption of the next generation consoles release.

The Call of Duty launch this year has suffered an alarming 19% drop in sales according to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz. This significant difference has been described as troubling and still may not reveal the full extent of Ghost’s slump. Despite being the top selling shooter title in November and having an extra week of sales compared to Black Ops 2, expectations have not been met.

The figures show that the transition players have required switching consoles has had an impact. For example the average Call of Duty player may have held off on buying Ghosts until they get a PS4 or Xbox One. In previous years it would have been a simple choice between which platform you bought the game on; now there are 5 big options to think about.

Christmas sales of Ghosts and the next gen consoles should be good, but Creutz believes the game could be looking at anything between a 20-25% drop when this is over. Whilst a proportion of the sales failings can be blamed on the next gen release, it may be reasonable to assume that a section of the gaming community has become bored of similar Call of Duty offerings each year.

Did you buy Call of Duty: Ghosts this year and if so on what platform? Has the introduction of the PS4 and Xbox One changed your plans for buying, or are you one of those people who has simply become tired of the game? We would be interested to hear from you so feel to let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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  • Jay

    COD Ghost’s isn’t selling as much, because everyone is getting bored with it, its basically copy and paste from the previous title, and up the texture’s and mesh’s a little bit, change a few names on guns and in a desperate attempt but aliens in it. it really is the same as the previous game before it, don’t get me wrong I used to be all about COD and battlefield is even worse ( pay for a new game and get less then the previous offered). lets hope titanfall doesn’t fall into the downward circle that these have created.

  • Beany

    I agree Skye,
    I feel the Call of Duty franchise is falling behind. Once it was a leap forward in gaming offering innovative graphics and game play, but now, its seriously falling behind. Blaming sales on the new platform event? rubbish. Ghosts offers nothing new at all, I could quite easily put in a Call of duty disk from 5-6 years ago and the only thing that’s different is the slightly better graphics. I could mention the many flaws in the game, Skye listed one below, but i will get flamed by fanboys if i do – And I dare add that the same problems crop up on every Call of Duty game!. Learn from your mistakes Activision.
    If Battlefield had the same arcade feel as Call Of Duty then i would of switched a long time ago. Talking of Battlefield, that is a game that has leapt forward. the problem with the Call of Duty franchise is that I don’t feel they listen to their fan base at all, they THINK this is what we would like, but often they are wrong.

  • vVv_skye_vVv

    I bought the game on ps3 also for the ps4, I am myself a massive CoD fan but there are some things that the game needs to improve on, which are making a lot of people annoyed with it and therfore no longer wishing to play it, spawns are one of the worst, why they cannot use a spawn system like what was done in Homefront I dont know, it would take all spawn issues away

    • jdizzle

      Very true and I’m on 360 this is the most frustrated I got with a game

      • vVv_skye_vVv

        Its definitely the spawn that is making most players annoyed, wish they would deal with this and people abusing the perk system etc before they start on fixing the other issues which quite frankly are petty compared to the spawning