Xbox One audio problems with Blu-ray movies

By Peter Chubb - Dec 16, 2013

Since its release, the Xbox One has had its fair share of problems, although we’d still like to point out that those issues have only affected a small percentage of owners. That being said there’s yet another problem to add to the list.

This is not a widespread issue, but it does seem as though some owners are experiencing Xbox One audio problems when playing Blu-ray movies, or lip sync issues as some people have been describing it. However, this problem only occurs when you have the option of 24Hz refresh rate selected.

There is a workaround to help solve this issue, which can bee seen on the Xbox support forums, but as yet Microsoft has yet to issue a permanent fix. It is all very well just saying leave the 24Hz refresh rate off, but the option is there for a reason, and so you should be able to select it if you please.

Having said that, turning this option off does not work for all Xbox One owners who have the issue.

Have you come across this issue yet and if so were you able to resolve it?

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