Subnautica game in development from Unknown Worlds

By Matt Tran - Dec 16, 2013

Games developer Unknown Worlds has released details on one of its upcoming projects, Subnautica. The new title is an open world underwater and construction game with role playing and exploration elements.

Unknown Worlds has posted a video which we have provided for you below, giving us plenty of project details on Subnautica. The game is still very much in the testing and development stages for now however.

Although we do not have masses of information on the game itself, there is enough given to get interested. From what we can see you can expect menacing sea monsters, heavy weaponry, submarines and large aquatic battles.

Unknown Worlds has invited the community to come and help develop the game and share all of the success and experience that comes with it. It seems we are still very far away from any certain release announcements, but the project looks exciting and the concept art from the game looks unique.

For now it seems we should keep our eyes and ears open for more developments on the Subnautica project. Has Unknown Worlds interested you with what they have shown us so far?

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