Pondering Mass Effect 4 microtransactions and Shepard

With the cat out of the bag as to a supposed Mass Effect 4 story being a sequel rather than a prequel and also a few character hints, it is clear that a fourth version of the game is coming, and BioWare said that they will be prepared to share information with us in 2014.

They are unable to give us any specific details in the tweet, but maybe we will see a Mass Effect 4 reveal during E3 next year? It would be nice to see some sort of announcement sooner, but then again E3 would be the perfect platform.

We can already see that this has generated a huge deal of interest, so much so that some gamers have already started to talk about the possibility of Mass Effect 4 microtransactions, considering it seems all the rage at the moment.

Fans of the franchise are hoping that BioWare does not come under pressure from EA and to introduce microtransactions or a season pass. We cannot be certain how they would implement such a thing, but if they did, then there could be a backlash from fans.

While the chances of Shepard being included in Mass Effect 3 are slim to none, that doesn’t stop the fact that fans crave to know what happened to Shepard.

Maybe there could be some sort of prologue before Mass Effect 4 gets into its own story, that way we could learn the fate of Shepard.



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