Gold Xbox One for rich gamers unleashed

By Alan Ng - Dec 16, 2013

If you consider yourself to be a rich gamer and can buy any gaming product you like without any stress, we may have something to tempt you. Feast your eyes on this golden Xbox One, which is now selling in the UK as a limited edition console.

It is made of pure gold and is now on sale at posh department store Harrods. That name should already ring a few alarm bells, as its asking price is £6000, which is a conversion of around $9780 USD for those that are interested.

While the console pictured above obviously looks stunning, who in their right mind would pay close to $10,000 for this? We already see a lot of feedback from gamers who are still disappointed over the $500 price tag for the standard console, let alone this sexy gold edition.

Still though, it’s limited edition and could be the perfect collectors item for those that have the cash. We’re guessing it is fully operational, but we wouldn’t want to give it too much game time in case this baby starts overheating.

What is your reaction to the gold Xbox One? Would you pay for this or know someone that would?

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  • jamie

    I’ll take two please.