Destiny player-progression with social experiences

By Peter Chubb - Dec 16, 2013

Even though the developer is making it so that you can enjoy Destiny on your own, there is still talk that you will need to get together with other players in order to complete the end-game missions. Bungie say that you can still play the game by yourself and enjoy the single-player experience, but in order for greater player-progression, then you will need to interact with other players.

It is their hope that by exposing you to other players that Destiny will offer even better social experiences and improve the overall feel of the game. However, Bungie still maintains in an interview that they will do it in a way that will not be forced on you.

We do find it strange how a game that is said to be a full-on single-player and not being forced to play with others, will constantly nudge you to choose the multiplayer route.

You could find yourself getting to a certain point in the game and not being able to proceed if you do not have friends, which to us does not sound like the full-on single-player experience that was promised.

Do you think it is funny how developers assume that gamers prefer the online co-op route, and could such a move put people of Destiny a little?

Destiny will be released on the PS4 on September 9, 2014.

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