DataWind UbiSlate 7Ci, 7C+ and 3G7 UK price study

By Peter Chubb - Dec 16, 2013

DataWind has had a decent amount of success in India, and so those of you with a limited budget will be pleased that these cheaper Android tablets are now available in the UK. The DataWind UbiSlate 7Ci, 7C+ and 3G7 all have one thing in common, a price that will make rival tablet makers sit up and think.

All three vary in price, with the cheapest starting at just £29.99 – yes you read that correctly. The UbiSlate 7Ci specs tells you just why you are pay $30 for this tablet, as it features a 7-inch screen, 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, half a GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a camera that is not even a megapixel and Android 4.0.

With the UbiSlate 7C+ price being £69.99 we can expect more impressive specs, although it still sticks with a 7-inch screen. Other features include the same as above, but also adds EDGE 2G connection.

DataWind UbiSlate 7Ci, 7C+ and 7Cz

Finally, there is the UbiSlate 3G7 has all of the above and 3G GSM connectivity, Android 4.1 and a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera. The price for this model is £129.99, which comes with a one-year basic browsing package.

Let’s get one thing straight, none of these tablets can be compared to the bigger brands, but these models are not about that. The main purpose of the DataWind UbiSlate is to get Android tablets in the hands of those who could not necessary afford one.

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