Battlefield 4 dinosaur secret confirmed

By Alan Ng - Dec 16, 2013

It has been a myth for a long time, but DICE has again teased the Battlefield 4 community in the worst way possible. While a Battlefield 4 dinosaur mode is yet to arrive in the game, we can reveal however that there is a confirmed Battlefield 4 dinosaur easter egg secret that is waiting to be found.

Everyone loves easter eggs and it appears that DICE loves them too. This Battlefield 4 easter egg is a fantastic example, although seemingly off limits to the average gamer who would have no chance of finding this out during a busy gameplay session full of other players.

We can tell you that the big secret occurs on the Rogue Transmission map. You’ll need two players to pull it off, but it will be great once you do. DICE has hidden two switches on the map which you need to activate at the same time.

Once done correctly you’ll be able to hear two sounds. The first is a sound which resembles a creature walking through trees, but the second is a lot more exciting – the roar of a T-Rex that the whole public server will be able to hear once activated.

We’ve included a video that shows you how it is done – amazing that the players in the video were able to find the second switch, as DICE has clearly hid that away for sure. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on it.

Have you found any more Battlefield 4 dinosaur secrets in the game and do you think we will ever see a proper dinosaur mode or not?

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