Elf Yourself plea for Kindle Fire HD app

- Dec 15, 2013

The Elf Yourself yearning for a Kindle Fire HD app has increased following the success of this game on Android and iPhone or iPad, although there has been a few problems on Android thanks to the amount of devices needing support. The Kindle Fire HD might feature a customized version of Android, but from what we can tell the Elf Yourself app isn’t available to download on Kindle Fire.

You can see related searches on Amazon’s Apps For Android that target their Kindle Fire HD tablet. These searches reveal users looking for the Elf Yourself free app for Kindle Fire HD, and some result to looking for a fan made version instead once they see Elf Yourself by Officemax isn’t on Kindle Fire.


We have received feedback from Product Reviews readers asking if the Elf Yourself app can be downloaded for Kindle Fire HD and one of our readers stated, “I own the Kindle Fire HD and cannot see the Elf Yourself app on my device when searching, I wonder when they will support it”. Another added, “I have searched Amazon’s app section online and via the Kindle Fire HD, but the ElfYourself app by Officemax is nowhere to be found. I hope it is released onto this tablet soon, it looks like great fun especially at Christmas”.

You will find hundreds of threads in forums by Kindle Fire users asking similar questions and wondering when this app will be available for download.

Do you think it’s time that Elf Yourself is supported for Kindle Fire HD? You can even join in the debate about what dances should be featured by Elf Yourself next in this article. If you would like to see the application launch on Kindle Fire HD, then leave a comment below or let us know if you have found a way to get the Elf Yourself app for Kindle Fire HD.

It is pretty funny what faces some people have featured with Elf Yourself dances and these even include characters from games, as seen in these videos.

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  • G G

    I was shown this and had a lot of fun with it but unfortunately I can’t enjoy it on my kindle. I would love to be able to have fun with this at work and with my family. I will be waiting to enjoy this on my kindle. I hope it will be soon. Thankyou

  • meiwyn

    Let us kindle fire users be allowed to join many others who have had fun using Elf Yourself app!!

    • john


  • Rick

    I have had enough of seeing Elf Yourself videos in my Facebook newsfeed, which is thanks to the app begin supported on Android and iOS. I do not want another device to get this app, so no.

  • Sue

    I really want Elf Yourself to release on Kindle Fire HD, I cannot find it anywhere only on Google play.