Best Apple iPad pillow for reading in bed

By Alan Ng - Dec 15, 2013

As we countdown to Christmas, one of the coolest consumer gadgets that we have spotted are Apple iPad pillows. Consumers are eager to find the best iPad pillow for reading in bed and we have some great selections to show you now which you may find useful before you start shopping.

With the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air now in the homes of many consumers, finding a companion for your tablet has become an exciting quest. Developers have thought of this too it seems, with iPad pillows now becoming very popular.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are some great options to choose from, with one of our favorites being the Wedgestand pillow for iPad which costs $35.99 to buy. The material used is a machine contoured foam core and looks like a similar material that you would wear with fleece type clothes – as pictured above.

There’s a whole range of selections and colors to choose from over on the official website, so have a look and see if you like this one – many consumers have left excellent feedback so far.

For the modern consumer..

For the modern consumer..

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more modern iPad pillow, you may want to consider the Targus Lap Lounge, priced at $49.99 instead. For the high price though you get some extended functionality, which includes a carry handle and second compartment to store items like headphones or chargers.

Finally, we’ve picked out the PadRelax iPad pillow, for the classy female consumers out there who are looking for something with a touch of boutique. This one is fairly expensive at $69.90, but it features a handmade cotton and corduroy design with snug wool materials as well.

For the classy consumer..?

For the classy consumer..?

As a result, this pillow is washing-machine or tumble dryer friendly and will look great when resting on your skin whilst in use.

There’s three interesting pillow designs to choose from, at three different price ranges. Tell us if you are looking for an iPad pillow at the moment and which one you would choose from the options above.

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