Nexus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 after release

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2013

If you are on the hunt for a new smartphone at the end of the year, two contenders that are surely under consideration is the Nexus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. These two Android phones are two of the most popular on the market at the moment, so we have a quick heads-up on how these two compare in a specs analysis.

Both smartphones shine in the performance department, although the Nexus 5 may be the better option of the two with a quad-core 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor, compared to the Galaxy S4 which runs on a quad-core 1.6Ghz Cortex-A15 chip – both devices have 2GB of memory though.

While the Nexus 5 has the processor advantage, the Galaxy S4 clearly shines in the camera department. The Nexus 5 built by LG is equipped with an 8 megapixel with LED flash that isn’t poor by any standard. However, Samsung has put a whopping 13 megapixel camera on the Galaxy S4, which is one of the best smartphone shooters that money can buy at the moment.

The Galaxy S4 also has the edge when it comes to internal storage. Both offer 16GB as the entry level of storage, but unlike the Galaxy S4 which offers MicroSD storage up to 64GB – the Nexus 5 doesn’t offer this facility at all.


The Nexus 5 again comes back in to favor though when it comes to software updates. Being part of Google’s Nexus program, the device is already eligible for an upgrade to Android 4.4. Kitkat. The Galaxy S4 has a Kitkat update on the way, but you’ll need to buy the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition if you want the newest update out of the box.

Which phone wins out for you in terms of specs and performance? We’ve included a very useful video below which will help you to make that decision much easier. Take a look and let us know which phone wins for you.

Don’t forget that Samsung could be unleashing the Galaxy S5 very soon, with a tease at CES 2014 expected.

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  • svetoslav filipov-suny


  • Subx

    Wouldn’t buy either! S4’s catch on fire, built from plastic and poor quality finish.
    Nexus again has poor quality finish. Loose buttons, vibrating speakers, pertruding card slot and the now famous cutting-edge and to top it off, the worst battery life in a smartphone yet!

    Buy a HTC One! Much better than both the above devices! Might not be by spec bit when it comes to real life use, the One out performs both!