League of Legends 3.15 update with patch notes

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2013

Everyone talks about World of Warcraft being the most popular online game, but everyone who plays League of Legends will probably disagree with that statement. The game is still great fun to play and now we’re pleased to tell you that the League of Legends 3.15 update is now live.

It wasn’t long that we told you about the 3.14 update, but it’s great to see that Riot Games are supporting the game regularly and frequently to keep the player base happy at all times. The 3.15 update is a fairly significant one and we now have the full League of Legends 3.15 patch notes for you to read through before you download the update.

One of the biggest changes that we can see is that damage amplification abilities no longer work on true damage. There’s also a big bug fix in reference to where the server matchmaker would create imbalanced matches when a player had been in the queue for very long periods of time.

To celebrate the new patch, Riot Games has released a new trailer which puts a spotlight on the new champion Yasuo. Read through the full patch updates here to see the list of changes and let us know your thoughts on the state of the game at the moment.

Do you have a problem with the game that hasn’t been mentioned in the notes?

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