GTA V 1.07 money glitch still live after update

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2013

As we told you earlier this week, the GTA V 1.07 update is now live. We gave you a full heads-up on GTA V 1.07 patch notes, but one major thing that players have noticed which Rockstar didn’t mention, is a fix to the money glitch involving the Los Santos Customs and player-switching.

However, we can tell you that players appear to have once again beaten Rockstar with the 1.07 update. It looks like GTA V 1.07 money glitches are still being found and we have evidence of one that appears to be still working after the update has landed.

One GTA V 1.07 money trick went live as soon as the update did, but Rockstar made a hot fix to it meaning that they prevented players from using this. We’ve added both videos below, showing you one glitch that was fixed and one that apparently still works.

With Rockstar watching on though, don’t be surprised if we see another hot fix before the GTA V 1.08 update that blocks most of these money glitches.


Earlier on this week we asked you what you wanted to see with the GTA V 1.08 update. One of the biggest requests without doubt was for Rockstar to make it more easier to earn money again, as you have told us that it has now become very difficult.

Have you been forced to look at these money glitches in order to make money in the game? This latest one claims to offer $10 million in GTA $ per hour – is that a temptation for you or not?

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  • Justsomeonerandom

    Some hacker set a bounty on me for 2 billions dollars. So some hackers are actually handy. But most hackers are very annoying and irritate other people.

  • PSN Gamer

    Why should I pay real money for fake money when I can just get millions and billions of dollars from glitches and hackers for free. Rockstar has made it WAY too hard to legitimately earn money and I encourage any hackers out there to spread and share the money with EVERYONE. I have well over a billion dollars and although I haven’t been able to hack and share money like other people can do, I am offering to completely tune out and modify random cars on the street as much as possible and let other players sell it for money.
    Always remember to help a fellow gamer out.

    • cholaandina

      can you please help me? i need money


      Can you please help me get money im on PS3 name is FIREDEMON42 and please add me n tune up a random car 4 me so i can get money i only have 40 000

  • David

    This doesn’t work anymore. I just wasted 65,000.

  • the truth

    it costs 65,000 thank you