Elf Yourself app GTA V and Minecraft style

By Alan Ng - Dec 15, 2013

It appears that fans are taking the Christmas spirit of the Elf Yourself iOS and Android app, and taking it one step further. Earlier this week we gave you some suggestions for other Elf Yourself themed apps, but now we have spotted Elf Yourself videos using GTA V and Minecraft characters.

Imagination is running wild it seems, with Elf Yourself becoming one of the most popular social crazes to end the year in style. We have been keeping you in tune with all things Elf Yourself lately, including some of the best dances seen so far here, to some problems with the Android version of the app.

Now we have spotted that Elf Yourself videos are appearing online, but with GTA V and Minecraft faces being used as elves. It’s a clever idea, although one that could be made even better with some official support from Rockstar or Mojang.

It would be great if we could download a special version of Elf Yourself, with an Elf Yourself GTA V app that has been officially commissioned by Rockstar – imagine the fun you could have with that.

The same can be said for Minecraft too, it would be two great ways to keep Elf Yourself relevant with consumers perhaps.

Check out the videos below for yourself and let us know if you would like to see official Elf Yourself apps for GTA V and Minecraft.

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  • Rick

    I want to see Mortal Kombat used with the Elf Yourself app, looked on YouTube and couldn’t find anything.

    • Kel

      Just make it yourself with the Elf Yourself app on Android, iPhone or iPad. Take a photo of the heads and put them in the app, simple.

  • Tony

    Loving these Elf Yourself gaming videos, seen a few now, might try and do Skyrim myself.