The Elder Scrolls 6 location and setting speculation

By Peter Chubb - Dec 13, 2013

It is far too early for Bethesda to make any sort of announcement as to the next Elder Scrolls game in the series, and if we work on the assumption of previous games, then we are unlikely to for a while. This is because the publisher/developer normally releases them every four years, but we might not have to wait as long this time.

We say this because the user base is far bigger now because the current Elder Scrolls title, Skyrim is available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, unlike previous versions, which were just for PC gamers.

So The Elder Scrolls 6 could be released before 2015 because of demand from a larger install bases, and also anticipation to see what the developer can come up with by bringing the game to the PS4 and Xbox One.

With this in mind, The Elder Scrolls 6 location and setting speculation continues and the Bethesda Softworks Forums has a dedicated page for this type of discussion, which was set up three days ago.

This is the place where fans go to discuss the setting for the next Elder Scrolls game, and not for gameplay mechanics etc.

We can see that some fans of the franchise would like to see two provinces merged, but other fans believe that they would only accept this once they know Bethesda were able to do one province complete justice.

A desert setting is said to make a nice change to what we have seen before, as this would make for an interesting change, and it would not be a boring setting because the next-gen graphics would make things very interesting, although the PC has never suffered with the same constraints as a console does.

However, from what we can see, two Elder Scrolls VI settings seems to come up in conversation time and again, and they are Hammerfell and Valenwood.

If Bethesda were to do what Ubisoft does and asks fans for input then what location would you request?

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  • Izabella

    I would actually love to be able to play the entier world so to say, so that it does’nt have any “worldlimits”. I do know how much work that would take, so since that would take ages, Im gonna go for Elsweyr along with Valenwood (Like, merged together)

  • Christopher Rotge

    Ok, Arena (PC), Daggerfall (PC), Morrowind (PC, Xbox), Oblivion (PC, PS3, Xbox 360). Whoever wrote this was clueless.

  • Marc Adams

    I’d really like to know more about the Altmeri Dominion or Summerset Isle

  • Greg French

    Morrowind and Oblivion were available for the Xbox and the Xbox 360, respectively, not “just for PC Gamers”. Just FYI. Personally I’d love to see them leave Tamriel and journey to Akavir and Pyandonea, or include these places with all of Tamriel and just do all of Nirn itself. But that might be another generation away. *Sigh*

    • a;lkdf

      Or even Atmora, but that wouldnt be good since it is similar to Skyrim.

  • Sorbo Joshua Sorbo

    Orsinium, Highrock, and Hammerfell.

  • illnubhs

    Im would pick hammerfell nufff saidd