PS4 winning global sales war over Xbox One, Christmas clincher

By Matt Tran - Dec 13, 2013

Since both next generation consoles launched in the past few weeks, the figures are indicating that Sony’s PS4 is winning the global sales war over the Xbox One. With the holiday season upon us and warehouses full of units still to be sold in the coming weeks, we expect Christmas sales to be the clincher for superiority going in to the new year.

When both consoles were released there were initial global shortages, with those who pre-ordered getting theirs whilst some people got lucky in stores. On launch day the PlayStation 4 sold over 1 million units in North America alone, an incredible feat which Sony are claiming is the most successful console release in history.

In contrast Microsoft’s Xbox One sold roughly 909 thousand units between its launch on November 22nd and the end of the month. Sony evidently has stolen a march on its rival, although post Christmas sales figures will make for interesting reading. Whilst Sony’s console seems the more popular for now; Microsoft will roll out the big guns with the exclusivity on titles to attract gamers.

According to Microsoft the Xbox One has now made up some ground on the PS4 with global sales reaching over 2 million units. Sony’s PS4 did launch a week earlier on November 15th which could be a part of the reason for the sales difference in North America. On the other hand though the consoles were given opposite launches in Europe, so overall Sony is still ahead of Microsoft as it stands.

Which console have you bought or are planning to get your hands on? Has the PS4’s $100 price saving been a factor or do you prefer the Xbox’s all in one focus? Let us know all your thoughts on this glorious gaming battle by posting a comment.

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  • Santerfed

    I have no company association I am seriously committed to. Despite this after carful comparisons, I have always gone with Sony. After carful consideration on these next gen consoles I have gone with Sony yet again. I am happy with my decision once again! The only real disadvantage it has is no tv input. I would love yo have that!

  • Admir Karalic

    I just hate the new Xbox One controller, it feels overdone, like they tried to do something too perfect and just missed the point. The old Xbox controller was perfect as it is, why changing it :S. I for now by far prefer the PS4 controller, but then again PS4 has no games I like.