GTA San Andreas for Android with iFruit reminder

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2013

As we told you earlier this week, GTA San Andreas has now been unleashed on mobile and tablet devices. Unfortunately though, it’s another case of iOS users getting the game first as Rockstar are again deciding to use the same tactics that they deployed with the frustrating wait for the Android version of iFruit.

GTA San Andreas is available now on iPad, but not on Android devices. The game looks fantastic with its remastered graphics, cloud support and also the ability to play the game using a controller if you have one.

The price is an amazing $6.99 on the iOS store, which is fantastic considering the amount of content that is featured in San Andreas, now all available on a smaller screen.

While iPad and other iOS users are naturally delighted with the news, Android users must be fearing the worst after seeing Rockstar’s tactics with the Android version of iFruit.

Android users were left with weeks of silence for the iFruit delay, so it goes without saying that everyone hopes that San Andreas won’t be in the same position.

If you are an Android user waiting for this game, give us your thoughts on Rockstar’s insistence on releasing for iPad and other iOS devices first. Does it make you angry?

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  • Admir Karalic

    In every way this last year, Rockstar has disappointed me totaly. I mean GTA 5 is fun, but I miss the OLD days of GTA SAN ANDREAS honestly.