Assassin’s Creed 5 setting topic gains traction

By Peter Chubb - Dec 13, 2013

With Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag having done so well and with Ubisoft announcing that they are to make this a yearly release, it’s rather obvious that attention has already turned to the next installment. Ubisoft knows that they need to deliver and so have been asking fans for input, and we can already see that the setting topic has gained more traction because of this.

Three of the questions asked was if fans would like to play as a new assassin and if they would prefer a different time period, and if they would prefer more famous historical characters?

The thing with Assassin’s Creed games is the possibilities are endless and so will generate a huge response, and no doubt many fans of the franchise will agree to certain time periods more than others.

One setting that keeps popping up time and again is Egypt, as the history is so rich, dates back further than all previous Assassin’s Creed settings and more importantly, is filled with some historic characters.

Egypt would be a perfect setting for Assassin’s Creed 5, but Ubisoft will have to work even harder than they did with the previous 2 installments of the game because it is much harder to go back so far in our history and get the details as accurate.

There are some other great settings and time periods, but many of us seem to have this love affair with ancient Egypt, one that is begging to be explored, and the Animus device is something that can do this.

Where would you like Ubisoft to go with Assassin’s creed 5?

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  • Aaron K

    japan during the tokugawa shogunate

  • Bevmo

    China during warring states period helping unify china under qin

  • John Smith

    Cowboy Assassins.

  • Rello

    French resistance in WW2. You could be a Jewish assassin out for revenge against the nazis. Since Hitler was obsessed with ancient artifacts, you can travel the world stopping him from getting the artifacts and eventually killing him in his bunker during the fall of Berlin

  • Zanmeister

    China or Japan!

  • Zack


  • Terio

    Feudal Japan

  • Rob

    Since the whole point of Assassin’s Creed is to explore time periods and settings we normally don’t see in video games I would love Ancient Egypt. If not I’d like to see them move away from colonial times and European settings.

  • Lewis Tivey

    Napoleonic France or Victorian London

  • dotBAT_TF

    Semi-ancient Asia or the French Revolution

  • Prithviraj Nag

    Certainly Egypt, but not ancient Egypt…more like Napoleon’s conquest of Egypt…that will also bring it within the greater picture of the Napoleonic wars, something there has also been talk about..

  • Louis987567

    I think that next years assassins creed will continue on the story of Edward. At the end of black flag he mentions going back England to kill Woodes Rogers. I think that he will go there and join the existing brotherhood in London, or start a brotherhood if one doesnt already exist. Edward will be more dedicate to the assassins than he was in the start and middle of black flag. Then it will have edward recruiting assassins and eventually killing Woodes Rogers, who has become the Templar grand master. Then it will show Edward training haytham to become an assassin, but he is a bit to harsh on haytham, so haytham runs away and joins the Templars. This is what I think it will be about.

    • Revan

      Well, the AC wiki already states that Edward was killed by a Templar who then kidnaps Haytham and trains him as a Templar.

  • alans0029

    Victorian London->Jack the Ripper

  • Mr coolio

    The civil war would be an excellent period for an assassins creed. Famous battles like Gettysburg, famous people like Clara Barton, and maybe working with the beginnings of the secret service. Lots of potential. Saving slaves, famous battles, historical figures…etc

  • assbutt

    World war 2


    samarui and ninjas assassin creed version


    I would like to see assassin creed in dark medieval period or with charcters like robin hood alexander. assassin creed should have bigger battles and a longer story

  • jman

    I would like to see a game in Egypt but French revolution would be great to. Either of the 2 would please me

  • Sk227

    France revolution or Russia revolution

  • Ne

    They could also bring AC Revelations graphics with the main story being killing Napoleon and then we would find about the temples and kill them too. Ubisoft can show our life span from a child to an adult of 40s. They could also bring back armors in this game. We would have hatred for Napoleon because his campaigns killed our parents.

    • Himanchu

      Nice one dude

  • Ne

    They should do it on French revolution, that has a bit history think people what fun it would be to see the Eiffel tower being build. They could also show Napoleon as a templer who is winning europe because of the apple of Eden. The playable character could be ezio’s descendent.

    • Tom

      The Eiffel tower was built about a hundred years or so after the revolution…

  • SaphireWolfie

    czech republic

  • Unknown000000

    Asia. Japan during the samurai period with ninjas or in British India and independance of Pakistan

  • anonymous


  • hk1995


  • jamol

    18 hundreds jack the ripper times with him in the game as the assassin maybe , maybe not

  • Morris Buel


  • Brandon Power

    I would like to see a ninja assassin

  • Zane

    I agree, Egypt would be awesome, and if Ubisoft brought their A-game then AC5 could be the best yet, especially if it were an PS4 and Xbox One exclusive.

  • Bob

    Egypt sounds like a great setting, although it could prove too much for Ubisoft.

    • GILMOURSstrat

      The old Wild west locomotives to jack banks to bankrupt an safes to crack outlaws sheriffs booze gamblin cat houses opium dens native american links to connor? Or maybe slave linked to adewale revolvers bandanas over face aswel as hood under hat once upon a time in the westesque!