Rayman Legends PS4, Xbox One needs Snoop Dogg

In the most unusual game trailer that you will see this week, it appears that rapper Snoop Dogg is a big fan of Ubisoft, or the green stuff – that’s money. Rayman Legends is on the way to the PS4 and Xbox One, with Ubisoft enlisting the help of the rap legend with a great promo.

Whilst watching it though, we had the assumption everytime that the trailer would be about Snoop Dogg coming to the game as a playable skin. There’s even one moment where Ubisoft has given Snoop a ‘Rayman’ makeover, but even then – there’s no confirmation that he will be coming.

Did we miss something here? Having Snoop Dogg in Rayman Legends as a playable character means that a lot copies of the game will be sold. We’ve seen the positive effects that Snoop has had with Tekken Tag 2, so why not take a risk we wonder and see how he fairs in Rayman Legends?

Watch the crazy trailer below and let us know if you were thinking the same thing. Would you like to see Snoop Dogg in Rayman Legends or not? The PS4 and Xbox One release date has now been confirmed for a February 28 launch.



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