QuizUp app for Android release countdown

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2013

If you enjoy playing trivia based games on your iOS or Android device, you have probably heard about QuizUP – arguably the best and most popular app out there at the moment. Unfortunately though, the QuizUp app Android release date continues to go missing for fans, with the iOS app out first again.

It must be very frustrating for Android users to continue to be left out in the cold like this. We saw it with the very popular GTA V iFruit application, and again earlier this week when we told you about the Elf Yourself Android app which appears to have bugs that are not present in the iOS version.

QuizUp is a fantastic new app which is free to download and claims to market themselves as “The Biggest Trivia Game In The World!”. The only problem with this, is that the QuizUp app for Android release is nowhere to be seen, with the only QuizUp Android release date schedule highlighted for January 2014.

We’ve already seen feedback from consumers who are dying to find an Android download for QuizUp. Take a look at what some users have been saying on Twitter about this.

Are you starting to get angry about popular social apps releasing on iOS first? Give us your thoughts on the iOS favoritism and your desire to have QuizUp on Android as soon as possible.

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  • Sarah

    The QuizUp app will release on Android, it just takes a little longer like a lot of apps launching on iOS first. You will see a number of copycats though before the official app arrives.

  • Rick

    Seeing so many people download the QuizUp app on iPhone only makes me want this more on Android.

    • James

      I hear you Rick, the QuizUp app needs to release for Android.

      • Bert

        You can blame that on google’s fragmentation.

        • Fatih


        • Andrew Sands

          Old news no more fragmentation since Gingerbread. Keep wasting your cash.