Nexus 7 Android 4.4.2 KitKat problems emerge

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2013

Earlier this week we told you that the Android 4.4.2 update was rolling out on select Nexus devices. Unfortunately though, it looks like some consumers have been experiencing Nexus 7 Android 4.4.2 Kitkat problems specifically, with some issues leading to an abnormal battery drain.

As we told you here, the Android 4.4.2 update was initially touted as a minor update that improved the VM indicator, along with providing some general stability and security fixes.

However, feedback is coming in from users who are saying that the Nexus 7 Android update is causing them problems – with other Nexus devices such as the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 affected as well since updating.

These issues are not widespread just yet, but involve features such as Exchange accounts, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi issues and even volume problems when using headsets.

There’s also a fairly big problem with the dialer on Android 4.4.2, which has been documented in detail over at Google’s own forums.

If you don’t have the update yet, it may be a blessing in disguise as you may want to wait until a more stable version of Android 4.4.2. is available. Google has already confirmed that there are some teething problems with the update that has just rolled out and are working on fixes as we speak.

Do you have any problems with Android 4.4.2 on the Nexus 7 or any other Android device that has been given the update? List your issues below and we’ll update you when we have something fresh from Google.

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  • Mark Redshaw

    updated to 4.4 and now my nexus 7 will not turn on ….google takes no responsibility and sent me to Asus who was happy to fix my problem for $165. So it works great until I install Googles update and now it costs me big bucks! Nice job Google

  • Boskoop

    A week ago I bought a new Nexus 7 and had no problems until it automatically downloaded KitKat 4.4.2. Now emails from email app only go to Outbox even though it says ‘sending message’ – therefore have to use gmail app to send any messages. Also ‘delete’ in email removes message from ISP server even though set as ‘never’. I note these problems have been reported before – has anyone managed to solve them? I’ve tried reboot. I can’t remember if there was an opportunity to prevent automatic downloads at first set-up – but if there is I would recommend taking it to stop 4.4.2 replacing Jelly Bean.

  • me

    since update doesnt charge whilst using nexus 7. also i accidently completly drained battery ( have done this once before update and managed to charge and re start) now wont charge or start….even unplugging battery doesnt work and cannot acces bootloader 🙁

  • Triker

    Since the 4.4.2 update, my Nexus 4 will turn off my bluetooth on hands free. And the only way to get it back is to restart the phone.

  • Paul Wallace

    Nexus 7 2012 user here. Kit kat 4.4 seemed to cure my touchscreen issues. Then 4.4.2 came along and all the screen issues are back worse than ever. Can I uninstall 4.4.2? Basically my tablet is unusable. Very unimpressed by Google’s response and will not buy another Google product.

  • michaelsnyc

    Whew!!! it seems I solved it w/o a hard reset!!! I just went to the the 3-button open-tummy android-guy and selected ‘Start’…nothing fancier. And this time when I booted it up, all went as it should! 😀 Happy Holidays everyone, and may Santa fix all your toys!!!

  • michaelsnyc

    Nexus 7…A few times my FULL battery drained completely in appx. 20 min. Now it has crashed. When I go to turn it on, I get the ‘Google’ insignia, but then it dies before the colorful dots come ’round. :’-(

  • teayes

    Can’t turn-on bluetooth… Nexus 10.

  • John Sanford

    Many BT probs Plantronics Voyager Pro+/Nexus 4 drops BT link,random reconnect during calls. Worked Great w/4.3 …

  • SuperDuperChrisCooper

    Terrible WiFi connection (work and home) since the update. Several apps have already needed reinstalling.

  • tsewang

    N7 2013 wifi

    – notification light no longer pulses to let me know i have new notifications
    – volume slider doesn’t move when i put the volume up or down. It does get louder/softer, but the slider doesn’t move to let me know. Reboot usually fixes it temporarily
    – touches are often not registering anymore, have to reboot to fix it (also temporary).

  • Yael

    Since i updated 4.4.2 my nexus 4 wifi doesn’t always connect and the touch doesn’t work half the time.

  • Daniel Casciato

    Original Nexus 7 Tablet – bluetooth wonky. Very short distance (< 3 feet) and keeps loosing signal. Did not have problem with any of these bluetooth devices previously. The are: Motorola S305, Urge Basics Soundbrick, Veho 360bt

  • Alicia

    New nexus 7. Randomly shuts down.

  • mick

    my n7 is now virtually deaf. volume on video is a bare whisper in the background on max.

    • Stephen

      happened to mine too wtf

  • Nehemiah Sloat

    Since the 4.4.2 update, my Nexus 4 will turn off my bluetooth randomly. And the only way to get it back is to restart the phone.

    • Dayo

      Same here. In the last 6hrs, I haven’t been able to use my bluetooth headset on my Nexus4. Do you have any meaningful headway!!!

      • Nehemiah Sloat

        Sorry. I got nothing for you. I literally have to keep calm. It disconnects me every time I’m on the phone for work. But for all personal calls it keeps connected. When the Bluetooth stops working I have to restart the phone. I hope Google is working on this fix. It almost makes my phone useless for me.

        • Dayo

          Just got a work around. Apparently, if you switch off your WiFi. The bluetooth connects. Disadvantage being that you wouldn’t be able to youse WiFi for your browsing. However, if you are driving, chances are that you are not browsing so……..!

        • Nehemiah Sloat

          Thanks for the tip. You seriously just made my morning with that info.

  • help n7

    my n7 after last kitkat update has wifi problems not enough signal In next room and area where I had strong singal before. Pls fix it fast, Google!

  • pratik

    my wifi is not working after 4.4.2 update

  • patrick

    I have a touch screen problem i thought it was may finger but suddenly may nexus 7 browse my gallery on its own 🙂

    • Shane

      I have exact the same problem. I think google really has achieve another breakthrough in technology. My nexus 7 has mind of its own. It open apps randomly.

  • N Burns

    Since updating lose Bluetooth connectivity. Need to reboot nexus 4 as can’t turn on Bluetooth once connection lost.

  • Tpboone91

    I started using my phone at 9am. By 12pm my phone was at 40% with minimal usage. At one point it dropped 20% in just a couple of minutes. What is causing this specific issue?

  • Jack

    Biggest complaint I have about the recent update for kitkat is the freaking annoying tap sounds and keyboard sound effects. Like they seriously had to mess with those and not allow people a option to go back to the previous sound effects !

  • Hans

    WiFi off great battery saver! Also, after 22 hours rest still at 95% on my Nexus 7 (2012).
    Exchange runs very very well. No rebooting. Just enjoying it.
    As for my Nexus 4; no problems either. Happy with 4.4 / 4.4.2
    Battery wonder when people stop complaining about it anyhow.
    Reboot; had a problem with it on my Galaxy Nexus a little while, reinstalled it runs like a clock. Use that one for work lasting me a day with exchange us, calling, notifications etc. even that goes the day and my Nexus 4 runs better as is the 7.

  • NormCIO

    After 4.4.2 installed touch pad issues make it unusable. Sudden boot to safe mode. High battery drain. What was an outstanding device is now useless. sqqThat there were issues after an initial major release is not surprising. That .1 and .2 have made problems worse or created new problems is disappointing and frustrating. Can one version of KitKat fit all sizes, as intended? What happened to quality control? Has this contributed to the absence of a Nexus 10 refresh?

  • Laura Packwood

    I updated and now I am not only finding battery drain, I am finding that when the wifi shuts itself off when sleeping, I have to power down and restart to get it to find the wifi again after rewaking. It’s almost like it’s in indefinite search mode and never turns on. Also, taking extremely long to power up now.

    • Linda

      I am a new user of Nexus 7 2013 and find that wifi will not restart after sleep also. If I put it to sleep in airplane mode, it will start wifi as soon as I turn off airplane mode.

  • apuk101

    My WiFi Nexus 7 2012, only 7 days old, has developed touch screen issues and poor WiFi since the update to 4.4.2 a few days ago.

    I’m really fed up with Google constantly breaking things with their Android updates. This is my 4th Nexus 7, which included a 2013 model also with touch screen issues, and it’ll be my last as this one’s going back too.

    Android really had so much promise, but that’s now gone.

  • disqus_jX9nsZbR9V

    Battery issues are horrible on my Nexus 7. It started shutting down last week with 43% and shuts down with 92% showing. Did not start until after the update. Before I could easily go three days without charging and have never let my battery drain completely. Ironic that it happens after the update. Or maybe coincidence?

  • plynch76

    Battery on nexus 7 2013 definitely worse with 4.4.2. Mine dead after 3 days (and not using it). Usually would last a week with use. Unhappy.

  • Terrence Godchaux

    I’m running 4.4.2 on my 2012 N7 WiFi only, which I find faster and more responsive than previous updates. The battery drain is normal and consistent for this unit, so no problems I’m aware of as yet, although App Ops is once again prevented from running. I’m sure it’s intentional. Otherwise, no complaints here.

  • Roxy

    Your article seems to bounce between 2 versions of Android – v4.4.2 & v4.2.2. Is it a typo or are you referring to the pre & post 2013 Nexus 7 devices – you then throw the Nexus 5 into the mix which is a v4.4 only device! I own a Nexus 5 & 7 (I upgraded the 7 2 weeks ago) so would like some clarification please

    • NgTurbo

      4.4.2 Roxy, sorry!

  • goudacheese

    Seems my WiFi isn’t working after the upgrade