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Let’s Escape Android update still behind iOS

Let’s Escape Android update 1.0.1 was made available yesterday and with it brought some new features, and no doubt bug fixes, although Mobest Media has not stated what these entail. However, no doubt a new stage level or two have been added.

However, we can’t help notice how much behind Let’s Escape for Android is behind the iOS version, which as we can see is now on version 1.1. This was to be expected seeing as though the iPhone and iPad version was release before that of Android.

Some of the Let’s Escape reviews from Android users seem positive on the whole, with most agreeing that the puzzles are easy to solve, which in turn means that you will not get bored.

Having said that, you still need to take your time to think about the clues before trying to solve the puzzles, otherwise being too easy would be no challenge at all.

If you have yet to experience figuring out tricky puzzles and brainteasers, then download and install the Let’s Escape app on your Android or iOS device today.

No doubt some of you are still unhappy with certain aspects of the game, and so we ask that you share with us your thoughts on what changes you will like to see in the next round of updates.



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