iTunes releases Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen soundtrack

By Matt Tran - Dec 12, 2013

Fans of Pokemon will be pleased to hear that the soundtrack from 2004’s FireRed and LeafGreen editions have been released for download on iTunes.

The super music collection will bring back memories of your in game adventures, whilst also sounding better through the improvements made by remastering. The complete soundtrack is being sold for $20.99 or £10.99, a little pricey in our opinion but it may be worth the value to those who want to rekindle some past experiences.

The Pokemon franchise has not dropped in popularity over time and is still just as successful, with the recent X and Y versions also enjoying a soundtrack release. It is possible that if downloads for these soundtracks are successful, then others will be released from all the previous versions such as Ruby and Sapphire, HeartGold and SoulSilver and Black and White.

We often keep our readers up to date on news regarding Pokemon X and Y, such as the recent requests for new events or how you can obtain Tyranitarite and Aggronite.

Will you be downloading the FireRed and LeafGreen soundtrack or would you like to see the music from one of the other versions of the game made available?

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