iOS gets GTA San Andreas release, Android to follow

By Matt Tran - Dec 12, 2013

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been released on iOS today, being available across a number of Apple’s devices. The Android launch will follow next week, meaning iOS users get a weeks exclusivity period.

The classic 2004 title from Rockstar has been rebooted and optimized for the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s/c. The game can also be played on all iPads from second generation onward, as well as the 5th generation iPod Touch. San Andreas will set you back $6.99 or £4.99, featuring many of the best elements of the PS2 version with the addition of fresh content that has not been played before.

The new app will let you play your own music in game by creating a playlist titled “GTASA”. Your own customized soundtrack can then be made by selecting the radio station “Mixtape” within the game. GTA San Andreas is expected to be launched on Android and Windows Phone next week, although an exact date has not been set.

You can check out some of our various GTA V coverage here. Will you be rekindling old memories by downloading San Andreas on iOS? If you have already let us know your thoughts on it by leaving a comment.

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  • Sue

    I want the new GTA app on Windows Phone.

  • Tony

    I hope GTA San Andreas works on my Nexus 7 next week without problems.

    • Rick

      There is a lot more Android devices, so expect some issues, but I’m betting my Nexus 5 handles Grand Theft Auto San Andreas just fine.