GTA V 1.08 update necessities following 1.07

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2013

As most of you are now well aware, the GTA V 1.07 update is now live. Rockstar has introduced some big changes with the 1.07 update as expected, although perhaps also expected – not everyone is happy with the update overall.

With this in mind, we look forward to the GTA 1.08 update and the key changes that you think Rockstar needs to address to make the game a better experience. We told you earlier this week that one of the ‘hidden’ changes, was the removal of certain custom vehicles from the garage, such as the Rat Loader and Tornado.

Now though, with the patch having been out for several hours, we are hearing about new issues that have happened with GTA V since the 1.07 update. These include roads disappearing whilst driving around, sound skipping at random moments and still general error messages after the update – although this one is due to the heavy traffic with so many users downloading the patch at once.

It goes without saying that many GTA V players will want their custom vehicles returned, but Rockstar has already said that this won’t be happening in the next patch. New changes are sure to mix up gameplay yet again with the GTA V 1.08 patch, but what do you want to see?

After playing with 1.07 for several hours, let us know how your game experience is at the moment. Is this a good update for you, or has the many changes let you down? Don’t forget to check out the 1.07 patch notes again for a reminder of what Rockstar has changed.

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  • wiggzy

    and let ppl do wtf they want to cars co’mon its a car in a game what really is the harm.i got one thing to say to have failed so bad ppl are turning away from the game fix up look sharpe

  • wiggzy

    stop worring about little things like money glitches and worry about bigger things like actually being able to do something in free roam online instead of robbing a shop n armour trucks and shotting the police bring in the serious things like heists i mean i thought thats what the game was about heists and bank robberys then worry about glitches and take them out

  • wiggzy

    they need to change it so the mini gun ammo doesnt run out once youve used it and then die or change wepons do you realise how anoying it is to keep buying 9999 bullets everytime you die

  • CharlyCRO

    i want of them to fix same car everywhere issue!

  • kidyom

    People are buying the tank at levels other than 70….using the phones internet glitch.. the game is severely unbalanced now.

  • Cisco aguirre

    I don’t know why they took out the rat loader, they need more missions clothes Cars especially and extend the city more.Im getting bored of the game

  • Grandient

    why the **** would they take away the Canis Seminole?? I want my cars back now! If they dont put the Seminole back I’m tossing this game away and demanding a refund of all the cash packs I bought!!

    • joyfulsorrow95

      too bad you won’t get that refund

  • Dan

    I think its already been said a few times what the problem is right now. It seems what people enjoy the most is customizing cars and the main thing being taken away is…..CUSTOMIZING CARS! Frankly im on the opposite end with Rockstar. Why cant at a certain level i garage a cop car, or a fire truck, or an ambulance? I want to upgrade a golf cart with a level 6 engine and spinner hub caps dammit! Instead i get a rat loader taken away and a free squid van. Yeah….youre in touch with your consumers arent you Rockstar. At least give me a damn horse.

    • Dino713

      People are still playing this?

  • BB kenway

    i for one belive it is SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to make money in the game… before 1.07 came out, i always had enough to freely move apartments and by attatchments for guns without any hassell.i was a freaking millionaire. admittedly most of the money i earned was from the odd glitch… but now they patched them i can barely afford to pay my bills for my rent and my mechanic.

  • Your pal Jesus

    Why does every patch Rockstar release make the game slightly worse and less fun to play? Surely the opposite should be happening.

    GTA Online appears to be built around micro-transactions, the best upgrades cost far more than you make from the average job. The heists (assuming they work) will give players a fraction of the money achievable in single player as people won’t need to pay for those shitty credit cards if they’re making millions from heists. Not that any criticism will be noted by Rockstar whilst they are raking in the cash…

  • ratherplayGTA:SA

    i think that they should put the fun back in to the game in 1.08

  • Daltonstuff

    I think since we are allowed to customize the rat loader, and the banned version of the tornado we should be able to keep them, or at least store them somewhere.