GT6 1.02 patch to address credit glitch

By Peter Chubb - Dec 12, 2013

Gran Turismo 6 was recently updated to patch 1.0.1 and with it brought a glitch, one that sees you taking advantage of 20 million credtis, which is around £120 in value. However, because we know how important microtransactions are to games this day and age, it will not be long before GT6 1.02 patch is released to put an end to this problem.

We have to wonder if some of you will be able to resist this Gran Turismo 6 cheat and would rather earn your way through the game instead of spending 3 minutes to make your life much easier in the game.

There are 4 easy steps to get this GT6 glitch to work, which you can see in the video below. However, you need to make certain you have the 1.01 patch installed first. We have to wonder how these people manage to come across glitches like this?

Having said that, it was obvious that after being gifted with the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo people would see what was possible with what they could do with the car.

Considering the backlash Polyphony has had with microtransaction, this seems like one of those glitches that sticks the middle finger up at the Polyphony, but like we said, they will not leave it like this for long and so if your are tempted, you had best take advantage of the 20 million free credits soon.

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  • Gass

    i have just bought the gt6 and i want to make the glitch when i enter the game they always put if i want to update the 1.0.2 but i did not update it. how can i make the glitch please help

  • Santerfed

    Btw it works exactly the same with the bmw m4. This allows you to spend almost $1,000,000 extra each time.

    • Ghost

      stop snitching you will only make them patch that up too dumb ass. just STFU and keep it to your self people.

  • Mike

    1 amg vision = 20mil
    20mil = 20 amg visions
    + free gift amg vision
    = 420,000,000
    = 300 of the best cars in the game.