Final Fantasy X HD gameplay teasers before launch

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2013

We are closing in on the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD release date in March 2014. To celebrate, Square-Enix has given a great reminder of what the new game will look like, by releasing a series of teaser videos that are sure to get everyone very excited for the remaster.

It has been a while since we last heard about the game, but we’re pleased to see that Square-Enix has more than made up for that now. Below is some new gameplay teases of Final Fantasy X HD that the developer has just released, showing various aspects of the game that most of you love and remember from the PS2 original.

The videos we have included show off popular character Auron, as well as some of the Aeons or summons that are included in the game. It’s a great trip down memory lane, especially seeing summons such as the Magus Sisters and Yojimbo who we remember were hard to capture on the original.

Check out the two videos below and let us know what you think. You can also see the full collection over at Square-Enix’s page here.

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