Fallout 4 news update re-confirms Boston

Another day, another Fallout 4 rumor to tell you about. You have probably had enough of these after the disappointment over the teaser site, but this one is different. Documents have apparently leaked, claiming that Fallout 4 is real and will definitely be set in Boston.

It’s not the first time that we have heard about a Boston story setting for Fallout 4, but this is the first time that one source is claiming this as fact. That source is Kotaku, who have apparently got hold of some ‘leaked’ files for the game which talk about the game’s plot and other rumors not discussed before.

One of these is a Fallout 4 mission that is allegedly set in the Institute, which is the name of a building that is Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic version of MIT – aka Boston Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A potential Fallout 4 character has been exposed as well – a man by the name of Preston Garvey. It’s very interesting stuff and Kotaku are claiming that it is all real. Take a look at the documents for yourself and let us know if you also believe that this could be real Fallout 4 information for once.

Is Bethesda about to announce the Fallout 4 release date once and for all?



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