Elf Yourself dance themes next for app

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2013

Have you given in to the Elf Yourself dance craze yet for Christmas? If you haven’t downloaded the free app on iOS or Android, you really should as it provides great fun if you are looking for a bit of office humor before the festive period begins.

We know that the Elf Yourself service has been updated for Christmas 2013, but looking ahead to next year – what other themes would you like the Elf Yourself iOS and Android app to include? It’s such a simple format, but you have seen the instant success that the Christmas theme has brought.

Imagine when we get to the Superbowl in February and Elf Yourself decides to introduce a new theme for that. Valentine’s Day 2014 would be another popular theme for couples to dance along to, so we wonder if OfficeMax are also thinking along the same lines.

The app has a massive amount of potential on iOS and Android, so let us know what Elf Yourself dances you want to see for 2014. If you could wish for one special update, what theme would you choose?

Don’t forget to look at some of the Christmas dances here. There’s also some problems with the Elf Yourself Android app, which you may want to read about here.

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  • Ed Huber

    Office Max was bought by Office Depot…. I wouldn’t count on it, unless Office Deopt picks it up. They are changing the name next year. 🙁

  • Alli Hogan

    I can only find the Elf Yourself fan app. That app doesn’t let you create, but let’s you watch videos.

  • chel

    How do I get this on my kindle fire

  • Rick

    Christmas Elf Yourself dances have been great, but you can count on Superbowl and Valentine’s being next if OfficeMax update the iPhone and Android app for these events.

  • Susan

    July 4th Elf Yourself will be cool in 2014, but even more than this I would love some sort of editor, so we could create our own designs and upload for Android, iPad and iPhone apps.

    • Tony

      Loving the editor idea for user created costumes, but doubt it will happen.