Xbox One software update notes brings fixes

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2013

We have an important heads-up for all Xbox One users now, as it looks like Microsoft are ready to improve on the system software that shipped at launch in November. Microsoft has confirmed that an Xbox One firmware update is now rolling out and should be reaching users at any moment.

The update should be live as of 8PM Eastern Time on Tuesday evening. Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed that the update is essentially one to improve performance for the Xbox One interface, specifically targeting areas such as ‘inconsistent notifications’ and issues in certain multiplayer games when trying to rejoin from the interface.

The full patch notes in the first update are as follows:

– Addresses SmartGlass issues for some users when coming in and out of connected standby

– Addresses multiplayer issues for some users when re-joining games

– Addresses issues with inconsistent notifications for some users

– Addresses dashboard performance for some users

– Offers improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time

– Updated wireless networking driver to improve connectivity issues for some users

As you can see, there isn’t much to say in terms of new Xbox One features. It is however refreshing to see Microsoft making updates to the software and hopefully the next update will actually include some new functionality for users to enjoy.

As confirmed by Major Nelson here, your Xbox One console will attempt to install this update automatically if you have the ‘Instant On’ feature set. If not, you will be prompted to install the update on Thursday at 2am Pacific Time.

Have you received this update on your Xbox One console? Please list any hidden changes that you have spotted but haven’t been added to the patch notes.

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  • Killingfetish

    I have received the update but haven’t noticed anything not mentioned yet. I’ll update this post if I notice anything.

    • NgTurbo

      Great, thanks!