OfficeMax Elf Yourself Christmas dance videos

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2013

If you needed the final push to get yourself into the Christmas spirit, we have just the thing for you. The OfficeMax Elf Yourself Christmas dance videos are beginning to become something of a sensation. Now the iOS and Android mobile apps have been updated for Christmas 2013 and we have a selection of the best videos for you to sit back and enjoy.

The application essentially allows you to put your face on a dancing elf, with the app allowing you to choose four other friends – or your pets if you have them. These faces are then merged into a dance video, a video which is guaranteed to cause a few laughs in the office.

We have been enjoying some of the videos you have been uploading from the Elf Yourself app and it could be one of the most popular social trends in the buildup to Christmas. Below we have added several videos of some of the dances you have created and uploaded to YouTube.


Just for fun, we have also added one of our own, which you’ll find in the mix as well. There’s nothing like a bit of Christmas fun to get us all in the spirit – do you agree?

Enjoy the videos and tell us if you have created your own Elf Yourself Christmas dance video.

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