iPad iOS 7.0.5 update unlikely, expect 7.1

By Alan Ng - Dec 11, 2013

As an new iPad Mini or iPad Air user, how is your current experience with iOS 7.0.4 at the moment? While most will probably come back to us and say that their experience has been flawless, there are clearly a few of you who have been having some problems.

These problems appear to be affecting the iPad platform the most as well, which is troubling and unless it becomes more widespread, Apple may not push to release a specific iOS 7.0.5 update just for iPad Mini and iPad Air users.

One main reason for this is that we already know that Apple is working on iOS 7.1 – the next major version of the company’s mobile software. It’s in beta at the moment meaning that we could be weeks away from a full release in January.

As far as we’re aware, there have been some iOS 7.0.4 complaints on iPad, referencing issues relating to iMessage not working correctly, problems with WiFi connectivity and just general lag issues when navigating around the user interface.

Users are keen for a fix asap as you can imagine, but we have a feeling that these fixes may not come until iOS 7.1 is out on iPad – which could take longer.

Are you an iPad user that is seeing some issues on iOS 7.0.4 at the moment? If so, get in touch below and let us know what you have been experiencing on either the iPad Air or Mini.

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  • noahnerd2000

    My iPad Mini and my mom’s iPad mini are having severe wi-fi problems with iOS 7.0.4. It automatically disconnects and when we try to reconnect, it says the password is wrong. We’ve changed the settings to WPA WPA 2 WEP, everything. Even resetting network settings. Sometimes wifi works sometimes not. We need a fix immediately.