COD Ghosts PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics without editing

By Alan Ng - Dec 12, 2013

We have another PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics comparison for you to look at this week, and now it’s time for a big one. COD Ghosts PS4 Vs Xbox One debates are now running wild on YouTube, with gamers keen to know the exact story on whether 1080p native on the PS4 really holds a true advantage over 720p on the Xbox One version.

A lot of fuss has been made with the resolution difference, with Infinity Ward admitting that the PS4 version of the game is running at a higher resolution than Xbox One – the platform that still holds all of the exclusivity agreements.

As we saw with Assassin’s Creed 4 PS4 Vs Xbox One though, the higher resolution on the PS4 doesn’t necessarily mean a sure victory for Sony’s platform. In many cases, we’re still hearing feedback from gamers who say that Xbox One versions of multi-platform games are more sharp than PS4 – with Assassin’s Creed 4 one example.

It’s time to take a look to see how COD Ghosts fairs, with a side-by-side 1080p comparison between the two next gen versions. We have an excellent video to show you now, giving you the comparison you need – without any pre-editing.


You may have noticed that some COD Ghosts PS4 Vs Xbox One comparisons have been edited to include certain filters, but this one is direct gameplay captured from the consoles so it should give a much more accurate representation of the game.

Some interesting conclusions from the author has been made from the comparison – these being that 1) the PS4 version looks more crisper than Xbox One, but 2) the Xbox One version has more contrast and the colors are more vibrant on the eye.


Overall, it still looks like the differences between the two are very slight. Do you think that more contrast on the Xbox One version is a big factor or not though? At the end of the day, the PS4 version is still 1080p native.

Watch the comparison and let us know which you think looks best. Don’t forget to check out previous graphics comparisons with NBA 2K14 here and Assassin’s Creed 4 here.

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  • 47iscool .

    Cheaper PC’s look better than those two.

  • Aaron

    I can’t see that much of a difference on any of these videos or screenshots. I know it should be different on my 50 inch tv. People are making way too much of this whole resolution thing. When IGN did their first review, then people were saying they could see a big difference between the two versions. The problem was that both versions were 720p. It was all in their minds. There may be a difference, but it isn’t big enough to ruin the experience. They’re very close.

    Personally, I have heard too much on this topic. I have an xbox one, but I may go buy a PS4 just to do a comparison myself, and on the same tv. I think it’s silly that Call of Duty has become the central focus for graphics comparisons. BF4 looks way better and has a lot more on screen action than ghosts. If bf4 is 720p, then ghosts should be 1080p, or 4k for that matter. It’s obviously poor optimization.

  • JaggieUAr

    What about the jaggies on the xbone in the first photo in this article??? 1080p clearly is better than 720p.


    Readers…go to EUROGAMER dot NET and check out Digital Foundry for a real comparison. These images are misleading. The author appers to have purposely left out the most important part…Level of Detail at a distance.

    • Josh101

      This^^^^ Times 1,000, Product reviews definately doesn’t have proper captures. Even with Assassins creed, there are better comparisons where they show just this.

  • Kevin

    I got it for ps4 and think its crap for next gen, having got rid of xbox360 with cod ghosts I can’t see much difference in graphics only colors look a little better

  • Travis Preu

    I think they both look good. Xbox One does have more vibrant colors but the PS4 looks more like how the human eye would actually see a war torn world. Both are stellar and most likely horrible graphics compared to what we will see in a few years.

  • remenis

    Ummm Xbox one looks better to me… ps4 looks hazy and washed out

  • jobobo

    Not trying to be rude but reading the phrase “more sharper” kinda hurts.