NBA 2K14 PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics post-launch

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2013

Earlier this week we gave you a graphics comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. With that feature proving to be very popular, it’s time to switch to another genre – NBA 2K14 and a PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics comparison between the two versions.

A lot of gamers have been stunned by the graphics quality of NBA 2K14 and it’s not farfetched to say that the game is easily one of the best looking games of next-gen consoles at launch – if not the best hands down. The level of realism is unbelievable and you’ll be pleased to hear that both PS4 and Xbox One versions look identical to each other.

Watch the PS4 Vs Xbox One comparison below and you will do well to spot any significant differences between the two. We have seen many multi-platform Xbox One launch games that are unable to run at 1080p native compared to PS4, but NBA 2K14 is not one of them.

Lebron looks smooth on both consoles..

Lebron looks smooth on both consoles..

The game runs at 1080p, 60FPS on both consoles and you’ll see how beautiful this looks in the close-up shots below. We’re glad that there isn’t a clear winner between the two, so the developers have done a good job in keeping graphical debates healthy on either console.

Stunning visuals!

Stunning visuals!

Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the sheer beauty of NBA 2K14 on PS4 Vs Xbox One. Can you spot any big differences or not?

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  • why

    Oh ya Microsoft begged ps4 developers to hold back. So only ps4 exclusives show true ps4 engine. True story.

  • Surging

    You have to be careful when doing comparisons, because if the game is ported over from another console it will lose some graphical quality !. NBA 2k14 is a bad example because the game was developed first on xbone then ported over to ps4 with no enhancements and some loss in fidelity.

    • Lamont Girdy

      The game was develop first for the ps4 it was even marketed for the ps4

      • Surging

        I am getting really tired of these foolish things these game companies are pulling, like awhile back something was said about holding back ps4 potential to give xbox one a chance at survival, like geeze give us our 1.84 Tflops, this NBA game could have done it alot F-in better on PS4 version…

    • Developer Guy

      That is not true

  • mrwatson77

    I have both consoles along with Madden and 2k14 for both on a 70″ LED television. Honestly, the graphics look pretty much the same on both. Anyone who says otherwise is based towards one or the other. Overall, the XBOX ONE is the better system due to the amazing voice capabilities of Kinect. The potential is limitless.

    • Trevor Donovan Allen

      XBONE kinect is so flawed. especially while playing 2K14

  • Murphy

    You’ll see a difference based on what size tv. you have. The bigger the tv, the more significant the difference. I have both and on a 55in tv the PS4 is much more sharp than the Xbox One.

    • Yinka

      That might be because hearing that the PS4 has better graphics made you subconsciously bias.. The article states The game runs at 1080p, 60 FPS on BOTH consoles

      • BringOutTheGimp

        Or it might be that the PS4 has better hardware. That fact is not arguable. The devs obviously gimped the PS4 version so as not to embarrass their masters at MS. Other devs have done this and companies like EA have made it clear that the Xbone will set their standard moving forward (that is, the lowest common denominator). You will really notice the gimping when a dev like ND release UC4 and it blows any of the gimped multiplatformers out of the water. Seems like PC and PS4 gamers will have to suffer coz the NSA and MS are so focussed on the “capabilities” of kinect.

        • Aaron

          Anyone who says 1080p/ 60 fps is better than 1080p/ 60 fps has already made their mind up. They are the same. You have actually helped “Yinka” prove his point. You suggest it might look better on ps4 because of “better hardware”, when both versions have the same resolution and framerate. They are the same.

          The Playstation community has always needed to feel superior for whatever reason. Same with PS3/ Xbox 360. A PS guy once told me that the PS3 was so powerful that when MS comes out with a new console, then power on the PS3 will be unlocked. Sony will not need to come out with a new console, he said. Well, it was nothing but hyperbole.

          And your statement about xbox one holding back PS4/ PC development is off base. I’m pretty sure the PC community hates all console players.

        • Surging

          xbox one is holding back the ps4, who knows what microdick was thinking but they sure were not focused on gaming …

        • Surging

          Yes they did gimp it, i can see that already, it was awhile back the chatter was they were downgrading quality on ps4 games to give xbox one a chance because of such a big difference I hope this fiasco ends soon what a waste of 8 gigs of gddr5…