GTA V 1.07 update notes with missing vehicles

By Alan Ng - Dec 10, 2013

As most of you are well aware, the GTA V 1.07 update is now live. Rockstar has introduced some big changes in the game as usual but so far have yet to post the GTA V 1.07 patch notes on their Newswire website. However, after some digging on their support page it looks like we have found them for you.

One of the biggest GTA V 1.07 problems that players are telling us about, is the removal of certain custom vehicles from player’s garages. Rockstar has made no mention about this officially in their notes, but it looks like vehicles such as the Rat Loader, Tornado and Karin Rebel models are not allowed in garages anymore.

Rockstar has said on their support website that the reason for the removal of these vehicles is that they are classed as ‘utility’ vehicles and were not meant for players to store in their garages.


As for the main update notes, you can find a full list here. They include things like players now being able to run inside apartments and garages. The 1.07 update also gives you $2,000 now as reward for being a good sport, compared to $1000 on GTA 1.06.

Make sure you read through the full list and tell us if you have spotted anything that isn’t included on the list. Is the removal of your favorite custom vehicles from the garage the biggest problem for you? Give us your reaction below.

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  • jonathan

    bring back a money glitch it makes the game more fun. we should be able to sell sports and super cars instead of replacing them because its a waste. You should also look in for players to buy more than 1 property or create a unlimited garage that will make the game more fun.

  • Tony Green

    Its ok for the glitchers who have cheated there way for money, but what about the players who legitimately worked there way up, or put real cash into the game, only to modify a car for it to be removed. Also what on earth was the point in making a car such as the Rat Loader, And spending time putting in such modifications for it, if we are not allowed it. I think its ridiculous, and i feel the most appealing part of the game for me is the rare cars and unique modifications for them, that is what attracted me to GTA and the removal of these will be the reason i leave the game

  • Bob

    My Military Crusader has disappeared! Stolen from the military on my first day of GTA online. Rockstar, you’re ruining the memories! You can buy it, why can’t I keep my stolen one. I payed for insurance and everything. My heist vehicle 🙁 RIP

  • jason tucker

    so you cant stop ppl from glitching to lvl 1000 in free mode but you take cars away rockstar get your priorities straight

  • jason tucker

    and the two cars were labled muscle and offroad not utility

  • jason tucker

    im pretty pissed the rat loader and karin rebel were my two favorite cars i spent hrs looking for them spent money on them had full upgrades im a lvl 134. am i going to get my money back if not rockstar when are you refunding my money for game im not spending hundreds of dollars on a game to have things taken from me. bought digital and collectors edition probably wont be supporting rockstar in the future if this is there get down. . .

  • nickm7

    As soon as my friend and I downloaded 1.07, the game suddenly removed every single car except for 5 models. They are all crappy, bland cars and every other model and make of vehicle in the game has disappeared entirely. I have no idea why, but it did this on two separate Xbox accounts.

  • Savage Werewolf

    What about the money we spent on modifications?? We deserve that money back!!!

  • gradient

    Why was my Canis Seminole deleted? how is that a utility vehicle… it’s an SUV that have mods available. why are they focusing on dumb crap? fix the game ans top worrying about bull crap non issues

    • ClassicNFS

      Drive another car out of your garage, and go back. That fix my problem with my Imponte Pheonix disappearing.

  • 85 vette

    no matter what cars are classified as why remove them. If I want a bulldozer or a semi than I should be able to get one. It could be a great game if they would let it. $5000 on custom tires but no better handling or braking, $40,000 in engine and trans but no top speed increase. WTF Rockstar grand theft AUTO yet you know nothing about autos then you grand theft my car. I want to be able to FULLY customize my cars, AFTER ALL ONCE I BUY A HOUSE WHAT ELSE WILL I SPEND MY MONEY ON. I don’t even wanna play it anymore……

    • thefifthwheel

      I agree 100%……….. Really rockstar!?!?you focus on this!! Taking away rare cars!?! get your heads out of what ever hole you stuck them in and return our cars!! In fact make some more rare and stranger cars for us to find. also when we fix up an old car take away the rust and spots!!!! It should look new after dumping all that money into it. its time to fire what ever moron is making these descions and get back on the ball..

    • Disgruntal Rockstar consumer

      I hear that! I waited 12 (real time) hours to find the Rat Loader, because I found it on the offline game and it instantly became my favorite. So I decided to have it be my main on online as well. Well nuts to that! After spending 86K (in hard earned Survival cash) on mods. I paid for the “poof”, David Copperfield special, disappearing car trick. I have 4 trophies to go and this bitter BS is quite deflating & demotivating. Next they shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken. Oh!, or give me back my Rat Loader or 86K.

  • Sizzle

    LSC Glitch patched (not put in change log)