GTA V 1.07 update is live

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 10, 2013

We have been waiting for the Grand Theft Auto V 1.07 update to go live and can now confirm this has happened within the last hour, although the patch is rolling out globally, so the download might not arrive on your console right away.

Towards the end of last month we touched on the GTA V 1.07 patch and what would be needed in terms of Heists and additional features. Product Reviews readers gave us some feedback with a number of good ideas, so you can have a read of those or hit the comments below if you’ve installed the latest update.

Problems for some – we have installed the GTA V 1.07 update ourselves within the last hour and had no problems, but forums are already filling with reports of select issues from gamers. “I was told to download the 43mb file for the GTA 5 1.07 update and I keep getting problems. At first I received an error code, although now I’m seeing the download speed die at 87%”.

GTA V 1.07 update

Have you seen the GTA V 1.07 update live on your console? If so, leave a comment explaining if you are running the game on a PS3 or Xbox 360 and what part of the world you are in.

We will list the full changes in this patch when the notes are available, although feel free to comment with the changes you’ve seen in the GTA V 1.07 patch so far. Some of the download problems might be due to high demand with the amount of people trying to install at the same time.

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  • COBRA666

    getting sick and tired of losing connection. FIX THIS !!!!

  • jake67972

    i want to play badly and it keeps giving me an error when i update urgently tell me what to do I’m dying to play the patch i live in lebanon and the region format of my ps3 is australia please help me

  • javaly78

    xbox 360, tx. Was mad to see the car resell money glitch go, I know its an exploit, but having the huge amount of quick cash is essential vs earning the small change through missions. Having the exploits doesn’t take me away from playing or enjoying the game but I suppose R* feels they are losing real money that way.

  • SINisTer

    XBox 360 in America. Many network errors before finally loading in, once I was in I saw my Rat Loader was missing from my garage, though all my other cars are there for now. No problems downloading.

  • SINisTer

    XBox 360 in America. Many network errors before finally loading in, once I was in I saw my Rat Loader was missing from my garage, though all my other cars are there for now. No problems downloading.

  • Alef Jacob

    ‘m from Brazil have a ps3 with 1:07 and is running fine

  • Dirty

    The roads and scenario disappearing while driving around and the sound started skipping before completely going silent. Kind of figured my PS3 was getting ready to die on me, so I turned it off

  • jaker

    unknown network error, really annoying and im level 13. Got the game since launch date and cant even join missions because it says timed out. when I want to join the mission I want from map it forces me to be the host rather than joining. since this update im still encountering these problems. very annoying, I sold this game once and I might sell it again. so angry and cant even play online while most people are having fun. update is useless for fixing errors and bugs. bullcrap and I live in England!

  • will

    i have my cheetah and my adder in the mors mutual and whenever i go to get them back it says not enough suffiecient funds when i clearly do the cheetah cost 825 and the adder 2500 and i cant get them out. why?

  • shun

    I still hear people when I just have crew and friends only on chat. I keep getting booted from sessions. People are not showing up on maps. Cars are duplicating in my garage.

  • BipolarBear

    Just downloaded the new update, I am from Australia. They have taken *most* of the modded cars away from all garages, they have also stopped the money glitch by swapping character in this update ASWELL as also stopping the ability to duplicate cars from other players. I think this is the worst update GTA could have done, I believe a lot of people will stop playing because of this. Everyone loves their modded cars eg. Alien Docker, Balldozer, cop cars and armored cars. There is no reason we shouldn’t be able to save them in our garage they are the best cars on the game and it only makes us play more having these cars we can play with.

    • S2556

      Funk you and your bulldozer your not supposed to have them why are you suprised they patched and fixed this in an update? If anything its a good update for stopping the glitchers like you

  • Lucas

    Netword error after this patch never had one before enoying from the netherlands

  • Sufy

    Network error.. Again n again from India

  • will

    here in england it worked fine, took around 1 minute to download.

  • matt wilson

    im here in georgia….murica….it downloaded fine…i havent got to play much jumped on to see what it was all about….but can i suggest just one litle tweak….i need a bigger garage like why cant i buy a apt. and a garage ?

  • SilkyFly

    just got this POS patch 1.07…network error…network error…never happened this much until this patch…i cant even walk the garage…network error

  • Thomas

    The Netherlands, PS3 updated smoothly.
    -No fix for my phone bug. REALLY ANNOYING!!
    -No fix verry slow rendering. I like to see a building when i can, not wait until it appears (only happens now and then).
    -They ask a lot if i wanna change my character and say its the only opportunity.
    +No missing cars but have no special ones.

    +car emblems are free when replaced.
    +my crew emblem on my hot rod is wrong, it is placed on the huge air intake that is on the hood.

    Anybody else had some bad sound quality? I had to reboot for that.

  • 1.07 updat rubish


  • 1.07 updat rubish

    its rubbish it took all my cars and deleted my house

    • Nazmo

      What? I have a hard time believing that when nobody else is reporting THOSE kind of disastrous issues.

  • James Coningsby

    PS3 UK no issues during install have used the beta mission maker vehicle delivery working no other problems as of yet and i can wear a mask as well

  • rob86

    Xbox 360 US, AZ. No issues during installation. New missions, beta mission maker works. Vehicle delivery is not available. they need to fix that.

  • will

    I’m experiencing loading issues on automatic saved games. Quick save works just fine though

  • 420allday

    No lsc money glitch; you can set a bounty on the same person only once per game day (48 minutes); lost all duped rare cars, but on the plus side you can run in the garage and create custom jobs.

  • Spencer Hunt

    They got rid of my effing mini Cooper. That was my favorite car in the whole game. Extremely disappointed.

  • Jess

    Dying for the casino

  • XwarXsteee

    Ps3 no problems with mine im in the UK

  • Keifer Duane Hunnam

    What cars got removed because I have my garage full of rare modded cars

    • Scooter

      Not any more you don’t!

  • Chris Shaffer

    Beware garage glitch I drove into my garage and went all the way thru into the building

  • A-dam

    I’m losing one if my cars in my garage when I go into it but I can request it to be delivered however that gets rid of the car from my garage that I was previously in!

  • Begbie

    Xbox 360: successfully updated. Happy to be able to run in my apartment and garage, however, now when I ring my mechanic there are three cars in the list that I have never owned and that are listed as “Destroyed” (so surely they should be on the Mors Mutual list?). Why can’t Rockstar release patch notes with the patch?

    • Begbie

      -Helicopter and plane spawns aren’t the same. Lester won’t spawn an attack helicopter for me any more, I’ve been getting Mavericks instead.
      -Mechanic more reliable for vehicle delivery.

  • inyourface312

    REALLY!!!!! you guys gonna quit just cause yall precious rat loader is gone the DAMN truck wasnt even that cool i got rid of mine a day before the patch XD

    • Dirty

      Those are just internet threats

  • Chris Shaffer

    Previous update my bike was inpounded when I loaded this update ot was back in my garage

  • Chris Shaffer

    Update downloaded ok still loads slow for me can run in apt (yay)

  • Wesley Gearhart

    I’ve been on 3 hours and haven’t had any problems. However I’ve noticed no changes either…..

  • TechTac

    Console: Playstation 3 – 100% Working for what ive experienced. Started creating a Race and Finished it.. fully tested no problems here

  • AlexSierra

    When you exit the Creator(BETA) they’ll let you to re-alter your character. I think it’s a glitch.

  • callum

    So happy you can run I the apartments!!! (xbox)

  • Mateus

    this update was horrible, this popping up every hour the following message: “the connection was lost due to an unknown network error, please try again later”.

    • Wesley Gearhart

      The main reason for that is because of the volume of people attempting to download

  • AzN

    In the interaction menu you can’t request your car anymore it just says “delivery not currently available”

  • nino

    Can store rat loader anymore

  • AzN

    I thought they would at least release some heist like come on this update is disappointing

    • Reckless_Ace56


      • rob86

        the rockstar guys deserve a Xmas break. let them fix all the issues and stop crying like a freakin baby about heist missions…. for real…

  • Reckless_Ace56

    um so whats up with the heists they want us to pay ll this for cars and properties in the game to play but we get money from missions in little bits?
    (ps3 user)

  • Lo

    Buzzard shopper isn’t spawning anymore like previous

  • Lo

    Lost my rat loader!

  • Ethylique

    The Last Team Standing missions now have their own category (no longer under mission). THe game also seems to load faster !

  • Rexo

    Mechanic brings car everytime now

  • JakeBro99

    PS3 east coast working I’m in Virginia

  • heltonator

    *sorry ps3 usa east coast

  • heltonator

    You can no longer own the rat loader? Why? You can still get one and mod the hell out of it though. Can’t insure it, can’t store it. WTF!

  • lb

    All this patch killing the game already take forever to load. Up date good California. Need to fix the bad sport thing vause if someone shoot at u first and u blow.there car.u shouldnt have to pay. And the mechanic suck balls.

  • Obey Craig

    The Update was 65MB for me xbox 360.. After the update the Loading was faster, We can run in our apartment, Cars like Space docker Got removed, Strength stat back to 100%.. There a glitch while trying to get a hair cut, the hair wont go. Mission payout is More.. Other then that found nothing more..

  • 父ちゃん

    Japan PS3 – No issue as of yet. I’m not even sure what changed. I hope they fixed the issue where there are no cars on the road or anywhere to be found.

  • batt

    USA CT. update worked no prob. Patched car sale glitch for infinate money

    • Obey Craig

      That got patched in 1.06 Update

      • batt

        nahh. i used it all throughout patch 1.06

        • Quinn

          Same here

        • bobbafet

          No there was another one, you sell car pause then swap character instead, that got patched. This guy obviously used the car sale exploit, like me, ah well :p

  • Dalestyx

    Found Creator (beta) in online menu so you can create custom races and deathmatches

  • PlantCorn

    Rat Loaders and Clean karin rebels deleted from garage with no reimbursement.

  • 1.07 What??

    You can now sprint in the garage?! pfff

  • alex

    My 1.07 patch has updated successfully, but I think I have noticed a bug. On the bigger airfield in sandy shores, (not McKenzie field) there is some sort of bug whereby the cars are driving around on the runway as if it was a road. This is actually really annoying, as more cars are constantly spawning. (Using PS3)

    • Ethylique

      I allready had this in 1.06 a couple days ago

  • tye

    helicopers and planes not as before on trevors airfield…[level48 ps3]

  • shadow

    So :/ what actually in the patch?

    • blabla

      Also new missions i guess

    • Obey Craig

      No new Missions.. Just some patches fixed and BETA Creator added

  • blabla

    Belgium no issue i noticed you can now run in your house and garage maybe new radio things not sure

    • barksdlae

      When you die in survival no more spectating apparently. Just the cold dead view of your failed corpse.

  • bryce labuschagne

    Patched quickly no problem here in South Africa fortunately enough

  • Dalestyx

    Sorry forgot to mention i’m on ps3

  • Eggsdoroll

    Downloaded smoothly in china

  • Sanjitt

    Working fine – India

  • Dalestyx

    updated here in UK, no problems with the download either. not found anything new with the update, apart from being able to run in your house and Last Team Standing (LTS ).

  • king

    allready i got it with no errors quick south africa

  • Joe Heisenberg

    Just got it, no issues downloading it, about to start my first venture into GTA online, so we’ll see (had the game for months, just found out I have unlimited internet-duh)

  • winsomestone

    downloaded for one person at time in each server about 4 hours ago, worked smoothly. australia.

  • Thatukguy

    Updated over an hour ago UK no problems yet! Been on content creator!

  • Pbv8

    Ps3 perth australia, no issues here.

  • racrepus

    Just updated now on PS3, zero issues to report. Australia.

  • tuuvee

    Ps3 in finland, troubles. 🙁

  • Jocx

    No problems Baltimore MD

  • Raf Cads

    You could run Inside your properties now. 🙂 PS3

  • Kirby Enders

    It updated for me on my 360, and my rat loader vanished from my garage and when I went for another it won’t let me store it anymore! Rockstar just keeps screwing this game up, I’m about to sell my copy and move on to a better game.

    • artbart

      same here!!… it SUCKS a LOT!!! -.-

    • Steave


    • bobbafet

      Awwwwh, somebodys having a mardy about the rat loader

    • T.j. Masters

      thats because your not supposed to have it.
      and just stfu

      • Jim

        You’re obviously retarded, if it’s a vehicle nobody is supposed to have why can it freely be found and upgraded and even raced in races. So you stfu!

  • Gabe

    Favorite update that i noticed so far: you can now run in your garage!

  • Gabe

    Just downloaded it smoothly no issues, PS3

  • bionicwheel

    PS3 in the UK, no problems at all.