Alien: Isolation confirmed via leaked images?

By Matt Tran - Dec 10, 2013

It seems that Sega are in fact going to give the Alien franchise another go with a set of new leaked images appearing to confirm an upcoming game titled Isolation. There had been rumors going around that Creative Assembly were developing a new game behind closed doors and these new images should back this up.

Twentieth Century Fox has coincidentally trademarked the term “Alien Isolation“, adding more fuel to the fire. The potential title is expected to be a first person shooter revolving around Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen from the movies and previous games. As expected details are few as Sega is yet to officially announce the game, although we could assume that a 2014 launch is reasonable.

Sega launched Aliens: Colonial Marines back in February and it did not live anywhere near up to expectations. Gearbox constantly delayed the game and the final product felt rushed and was poor. We hope that if indeed Alien: Isolation is set for a launch that Creative Assembly do it justice with a next generation release and worthwhile multiplier experience.

Would you like to see a new Alien game on the next gen consoles launch next year? If so tell us what you expect and would like to see included by leaving a comment.

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