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Zelda A Link between Worlds epic ending revealed

With popularity in Pokemon X and Y perhaps starting to die down a little since release, attention has now shifted to Nintendo’s next big hitter of 2013. Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is now out and it is arguably one of the best Zelda games in the whole series.

You just knew by incorporating the world from the classic A Link from the Past game, that Nintendo would have an instant win on their hands. Nintendo has changed the gameplay mechanics in a big way too, but it hasn’t stopped stellar reviews from coming in.

For those that don’t mind seeing some spoilers, we have included a video below which shows the A Link between Worlds ending. It is nothing short of epic and is something that perhaps should be continued in a TV animation series.

Nintendo has outdone themselves yet again and we can’t wait until the Zelda game on Wii U is out – you just know that the delay is going to be well worth it, as Zelda games are always of the highest quality.

Are you willing to watch the ending to the game below, or will you play through the full game yourself instead to avoid spoilers?



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