Xbox One price cut needed or Sony wins

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2013

Although it is highly unlikely that Microsoft will announce an Xbox One price cut before the end of 2013, it hasn’t stopped people from talking about the subject. One analyst believes that Microsoft actually has no choice on matter – either cut the price of the Xbox One or risk losing the next-gen war to Sony’s PS4 console.

That analyst of course is Michael Pachter, the same analyst who recently went public in saying that he was surprised that Nintendo’s president was ‘still in the job‘. This week, he has revealed his opinions on the current PS4 Vs Xbox One sales battle and has stated that Sony are clear winners at the moment.

The main reason for this according to Pachter is solely down to price, and the fact that the Xbox One is $100 more expensive to buy at retailers and online. If Microsoft announces a price cut next year, he thinks that they can then play catch up to Sony’s sales – and only then.

What are your thoughts on Pachter’s latest round of comments? Do you agree with him this time in that Microsoft badly needs to announce an Xbox One price cut?

We just don’t see it happening any time soon though.

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  • PlaystationFTW

    lol Sony has already won, even if they do cut the price to the same as sony. The PS4 is just a better console.

    • Nick

      Saying that the PS4 is a better console is ignorant. Because the graphics on launch titles are better? Look at the launch titles from the Xbox 360 and PS3. Horrible. But this years games for those consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3 are literally the same. If launch titles ever decided what a console would be like, then the last 2 generations wouldn’t have made it.

      I wrote this looking at my PS4 and my Xbox One sitting next to each other. But next to my TV is what I game on for anything not an exclusive. My PC. Which I built last Black Friday for $600. It can run anything out right now on Ultra settings. Both consoles pale in comparison.

      In the long run, this generation didn’t get enough power. They just took a step towards being PCs. And in 10+ years when the next generation starts, they’ll be PCs. Because that’s the inevitability of it all.

      PCs are the future of gaming. Consoles hold it back.

      • WhoHacksWins

        No one apart from sad little people in their Mom’s basement, are comparing consoles to a PC. They are an entirely different experience. I do not like PC gaming and therefore do not have a gaming PC. I find it curious that you have spent $1,000 on two consoles you do not like playing. Your parents obviously have means, so you should give one or both consoles to someone less fortunate that actually enjoys console gaming. Also, there are many that like hacks/mods/sitting at a desk playing games, but then there are guys like me who prefer a standardised product without mods/hacks. BTW, budgets will nose dive if the only platform was PC due to the prevalence of piracy on PC. But, unlike yourself, I understand that there are guys like you who love upgrading their PC etc and thrive on the flexibility of same..PCgaming…may the best hacker win 🙂 Also, as a PC gamer, I would have thought you would easily be able to look at the specs and see the PS4 is superior in temrs of power when compared to the Xbone.

      • BackToTheFuture

        That PC sounds awesome. GTAV must look great on your PC. Oh, wait a minute…future of gaming? By the time you have GTAV on Ultra you will be living in the PAST OF GAMING.