Triad Wars image teased, PS4 confirmation lingers

By Peter Chubb - Dec 9, 2013

Having already learned that United Front Games was going to release a Sleeping Dogs spin-off, the developer has recently teased gamers with an image of Triad Wars, and as you would imagine has gained a huge amount of interest.

The developer has yet to make Triad Wars screenshot official, but they do share it on their Twitter page. There has been much speculation as to the type of game this will be, and looking at the image, Triad Wars looks set to be a third-person game.

One user on Twitter had asked if this was Sleeping Dogs PS4 footage, and the answer that came back was that it was Triad Wars.

We can take two things from that answer, the first is that this is really an image of Triad Wars being played. The second is that confirmation for Sleeping Dogs on the PS4 still lingers, and so we are still wondering if we will ever see it appear on the next-gen console?

Having said that, seeing as though Triad Wars will be a spin-off, it is looking less likely that we will ever see Sleeping Dogs 2 on the PS4, and even if we did, it won’t be for a few years at least.

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