Sony trying to fix PS4 online gaming outage

By Matt Tran - Dec 9, 2013

Sony are currently in the process of trying to fix some of the issues that online gamers are having with online content for the PS4. There have been multiple reports from users that they are unable to access the online features of certain games on Sony’s console. These titles include Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4.

The most common problem that players are experiencing is a notification that tells them they require PlayStation Plus in order to play online, despite already being subscribed. Sony has since announced via Twitter that they are investigating the issues after being posed questions by angry gamers. Those locked out of the PS4’s online multiplayer should keep checking these feeds for updates.

We expect the outage to be resolved soon, although the event has been confirmed as unexpected. There were rumors going around that the PlayStation Network was down for maintenance but this is not the case. The official Killzone Twitter account has confirmed that Sony’s engineers are working on the situation although there is no news to report yet regarding a fix.

Maintenance started at 4pm and will last until midnight from Sony’s European arm. We would be interested to hear from our readers on any others problems you may have had with the PSN and if you have been able to get online.

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  • Agunzi

    Constantly getting DC’d from BF4, but i think thats more Dice server related than the PSN :S

  • Paul Gbel

    server/ problems with logging into Dc Universe and ps store at 0900 today and been like that all day (last 12 Hours atleast)