PS4, PS Vita horror game in 2015 could be special

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2013

With the exciting The Evil Within on the way to the PS4 in 2014, it looks like PS4 owners are going to be able to get their horror genre fix very soon. However, it gets better this week as we have confirmation of another horror game that is on the way to the system – but in 2015 and will also appear on PS Vita.

We have always said that the PS Vita has been starved of games in the past, but this argument is almost non existent now given the fact that the PS4 is able to stream the majority of titles straight to the PS Vita via Remote Play.

It is proving to be an unbelievably good feature of both systems and we’re guessing this will also come into play when The Evil Within arrives. While The Evil Within is on the way from Japanese studio Tango Gameworks, we can tell you that another Japanese horror is on the way.

It’s going to be from Indie developer Carnivore Studio and is called Koduku. The game has already been given a release schedule for 2015 and will incorporate the horror and exploration genres with specific aspects including stealth and sorcery.

It sounds interesting and the first images released from the game look great. We’ve included the first image from the game here, but you can check out the other one at the official Koduku website here.

Although we’re obviously at a very early stage with the game, one thing we do know is that the Japanese know how to make a good horror game. Having it on both PS4 and PS Vita can only be a good thing as well – other developers take note please.

Are you happy to see more horror titles for the PS4 and PS Vita? Give us your reaction to this.

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