PS4 mod features design update

By Peter Chubb - Dec 9, 2013

While we should never play favorites when it comes to consoles, we can’t help feel as though Sony has done a far better job in terms of design with its PS4 compared to Microsoft and its Xbox One. However, that’s not saying there is room for improvement with the PlayStation 4.

The image that you see above is proof of just that because this has to be one of the best-looking PS4 mods out there. We are not certain how this new look has been achieved, but this mod features a new design update that makes it look even better than Sony managed.

There has been speculation that this could be a PlayStation 4 decal, but the precession of its finish makes us think otherwise. For some reason we feel as though this could be a completely new case design, but take a look at more images and decide for yourself.

Seeing this new look PS4 makes us wonder just how long it will be before Sony start to offer more variations, such as different colors, or limited edition models based on certain games?

Do you believe a brushed steal PS4 would be a very popular choice and if so, how much extra would you be willing to pay?

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  • Josh101

    PS4 mod? I don’t see a modded PS4…Do you know what a modification is? This looks just like my PS4 at home. Can someone point out to me what’s different?

  • tedmoo

    Looks like a model made out of wood to me!

  • DoUbLeZz (Lydon)

    How is this better!!!, the 2 tone kills this mono tone look!

  • Danny Dodge

    Ps4 looks nicer and is more compact, yes… I still go for the xbox though.