Pokemon X and Y Tyranitarite, Aggronite with trade

By Alan Ng - Dec 9, 2013

Two of the most popular Pokemon in X and Y are undoubtedly Tyranitar and Aggron. The troubling thing about this though, is that you can only obtain one of these Pokemon depending on whether you have Pokemon X or Y.

That means both Pokemon along with their Tyranitarite and Aggronite gems are precious trade items that players are currently hungry for. Now, we are pleased to give you a heads-up on where to find both stones – stones that are needed to get either a Mega Tyranitar or Mega Aggron in battle.

The video shows their exact location below – you’ll find either stone in the same location. There are some guidelines to follow though if you are having trouble getting the stone to appear. Remember that you need to have completed the game already and fought your rival at Kiloude.

Then you also need to search the particular spot at specifically between 8pm and 9pm on your game clock. If you have done these prior steps you should be able to find the stones without any problems.

Now that you have them, you are probably looking for a trade to get the other respective stone. If you look in the comments section of the video below, you’ll see that the helpful Pokemon community are already busy sharing their Tyranitar or Aggron Pokemon with friends codes.

Let us know how you get on and feel free to leave your code here if you want others to help you. If you need codes for the Friend Safari, you’ll find thousands of codes here.

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  • Azero Tehiro

    My dream team is dashed without some Aggronite, and you can help resolve that. Here’s my Friend Code: 4425-1818-7811

    The most common trade would be Tyranitarite for Aggronite, but we can discuss other possible deals if that’s not your thing.

    • Mr. Bobson

      I have an aggronite and am willing to trade for your tyranitarite, if you have it.
      My FC is 1392-5984-1322. Name: Dragon.

      • Azero Tehiro

        I hope you don’t mind, but I currently don’t have a Tyranitar to equip a Tyranitarite to right now. If this deal is to still occur, I’m going to give you a random pokemon that has the item Tyranitarite attached, probably a Chansey because I have so many of those adorable things.

        Is this still a deal? if so, shall we discuss a common date & time to be online by?

    • Espurreye116

      Can we trade aggronite for tyranitarite? Cause I really need it pls.

  • Alynn3580

    Please give me the Aggronite…If can , my Friend Code is 4098-4120-0625…

  • AquaticMusic

    I want that tyranitarite. I will give my aggronite for it

    • jacob dack

      i will gladly give you my tyranitarite for your aggronite! whats your friend code? mine’s: 0963 – 0674 – 0549

  • George

    I’ll give tyranitarite need aggronite please. Thanks

    • Magneticstapler1

      still looking?

  • Almaith007

    Playing pokemon X
    Please add me 😇

    • Delaymonte Townsend

      I added you mines is 1134-8385-8255 sonic

  • shawn

    I need Aggronite please. 🙂

    • Delaymonte Townsend

      You have an tyranitarite .Im willing to trade my Aggronite for it

  • Lick

    like i would trade my tyranitarite LOL

    • NgTurbo

      Some people would! :p