Halo 5 news with Longo talent

By Matt Tran - Dec 9, 2013

We have some news for you regarding Halo 5 today and it would appear that a new talented creative director has joined the 343 Industries team. Tim Longo who had recently been working for Crystal Dynamics, has confirmed via LinkedIn that he is now working for a new company.

The move sees Longo take up the position of 343 Industries creative director, replacing Josh Holmes who has now been boosted up to the position of executive producer. Halo 5 will be the second title of the franchise launched by 343, following their previous development of Halo 4.

Halo 5 is expected to launch in 2014, no doubt being a Microsoft exclusive and getting a release on the Xbox One, 360 and PC. The newest edition of Halo will run at a stunning 60 frames per second and feature cloud computing according to the games studio.

Crystal Dynamics were the studio behind the Tomb Raider reboot and they are currently producing a next generation version of a sequel. We heard last week that a new Ryse title could be in the works as Todd Papy joined Crytek to direct an unannounced title.

What will Tim Longo’s involvement bring to Halo 5? Let us know what you expect and want to see in the game by leaving a comment below.

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